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  Between Sazgaari Pora and Nowshehra Srinagar lies a ziyarat popularly known as Ziyarat Syed Madni        Sahib.People over here call it as Madeen Sahib Ziyarat (  Hazrat Syed Mohammed Madni ( R A ) sahib ) as well. One can trace it to the north western side of Hari Parbat fort or exactly behind Industrial estate of    Baghe  Ali Mardaan Khan .The structure is considered to be a master piece of kashmiri Architcture  relating to king Zain Ul Abdin 's period .

As per    “Biographical Encyclopaedia of Sufis: South Asia ” a Book compiled  By N. Hanif  ( page 203 )  Saiyed Muhammed  Madni commonly known as "Madin Sahib" in kashmir was originally from Madina. He came to India along with the invading forces of Timur . From Sindh , Timur deputed Saiyed Madni to Kashmir  to be his envoy in the court of  Sultan Sikander . So Saiyed Madni came to Kashmir along with his family and settled in Rainawari .  Though a disciple of Mir Muhammed Hamdaani ,he did not show any interest in teaching or preaching in Kashmir  and lived a quiet saintly life . He also did not receive any special favours from sultan sikander whose patronage had brought him to Kashmir . However  when Sultan Zain Ul Abdin  came to power , he  became a devotee of  Saiyed  Madni and requested the saint to shift to his new capital near  Nowshera .There he built a Khaanqaah for the saint close to his own palace . Saiyed Madni died on 13th October 1445 AD and his tomb still exists at Hawal ( Nowshera ) in srinagar.

The Ceramic tiles ,  Pinjara kaari of windows( Being redone now ),  Exquisite  Wood work , the Birch roof with mud over it  , Naqsho Nigaari  and the dome of the Ziyarat are unparalleled in style and architecture.
There had been some controversy with regard to control of this shrine( Between Shia and Sunni Community ) after the death of Sultan Zain Ul Abdin  as a result of which the shrine had to be closed for  a long period..The structure also suffered some damage in a devastating fire . During sultan's time , the Ziyarat had a huge surrounding area where a Madrasa , Hamam , Khaankaah and a Langer Khaana was built . The sultan would also frequent this place . Thanx to State Archeology Department the shrine is being   restored  to its Grandeur  and glory.The walls and ceiling of this structure stand restored to original shape .The stones dating back to Sultan Zain Ul Abdin's period are also being polished . It is reported that the main door of the shrine is in British Museum. This is the only shrine in valley representing all essential features of old kashmiri architecture .

 I end this  brief post with a couplet of  my favourite poet Allama Iqbal

Woh Bandigi Khudaai  Woh Bandigi Gadhaai ,
Yaa Bandaa e  Khudaa Ban Yaa Bandaa e zamaana ..
Gaafil Naa Ho Khudee se kar Apni Paasbaani ,
Shaayad Kissi Haram Kaa Tu bhi Hai Aastaana.  

( Autar Mota )

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