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Umesh Kaul ( Born 1934 ) is a forgotten short story writer from Kashmir .  Born in Sopore  Kashmir , Umesh kaul used to write in Hindi and Urdu  before he switched over to Kashmiri . His first kashmiri  story Ad Kathh ( Half story  ) was published in kashmiri Magzine KONG POSH in 1955.  His    stories like Duwoat and Dil are a proof of his dexterity in understanding Human relations. He belonged to  a select   group of Modern writers  who were influenced by  European short story writers . This group comprised of   Akhtar Mohi Ud din , Hriday Kaul Bharti, Ali Mohd Lone , Bansi Nirdosh , Amin Kamil , Deepak Kaul , Avtar Krishen Rehbar , Taj Begum Renzoo , Rattan lal Shant , Hari krishen kaul and many more . Later many writers  including   Faruq Masudi also joined this group of Modern  kashmiri short story writers . Some amongst them also  wrote plays on contemporary and socially relevant themes.

Sometimes you find him present in his stories  and quite often his language turns romantic . To some readers   his stories appear like  flower beds  of emotions.  However  his two stories namely Ada Kathh ( Half story ) and Akh Devta Ta Akh Raakheuss ( One god and one Devil ) bring forth all the essential characteristics of   his style and language  . In a way both are his representative Stories .

Umesh ji also wrote script for some Kashmiri Language  documentaries  for Information And Broadcasting  Ministry 

Adds  Prof. Nighat Hafiz from kashmir 
“Physically a tiny structure mentally as alert as ever, a gem of a person as I knew him. Docile, soft spoken and decent to talk to, he would make a difference while walking through corridors of Radio Kashmir's Srinagar station...People would start calling him from every corner and ask for help. My salutes for all the respect he showered on me while working with him.”

Prof. Shiben Raina   Adds
“ Umesh ji  must have written more than two dozen stories in kashmiri .From 1962 to 1964 , he was subeditor of a news paper KASHMIR POST  published from Srinagar and later joined AIR Srinagar as senior script writer .I have included one of his short stories Bhagya-harta in a compilation of contemporary short stories  that I did for Bhartiya Gyanpeeth in 1973.. ”

Adds his friend  Shri Bansi Raina
“He was a photographer and had some  expensive cameras and Gadgets . He would also paint in his spare time . Umesh was no ordinary Human being. He along with Bansi Nirdosh would churn out one script of VADI  KI   AWAAZ  every alternate day. He could be friends with any generation. He was the elder brother of painter Bhushan and  Hriday Kaul Bharti. A gem and a great man and friend and guide. He was frail but mentally very strong.He would sometimes take me to his  home and  say to  Bhabi..(his mother..).Pochh chhu mai onmut ( I have brought a Guest with me ) and would ensure I was properly fed. Array yeh to Yaadon ki Baraat hai  .”

Nida Nawaz well known Hindi poet from kashmir adds..

"He was also a leading broadcaster and as a script writer of "Science Magazine" I worked under His guidance for thirteen years.He was indeed a great guide and the best writer."

Shri Rajesh Kaul ( Ex. Senior officer from Door Darshan ) informs ..

"Umesh Kaul ji had masters degree in Hindi but would write a science talk for Radio Kashmir. He was blessed with so many capabilities apart from being a good writer. He was a very good cinematographer , an animator, a film processor and an editor. He shot Introductory montage for a science fic. Dr. Zero for DD Srinagar in late 70's, processed at his house and edited the same under magnifying glass using a magnifying glass a scissor and a cello tape. The film being mute the music was added later on the ceteanbeck table at TV Centre Srinagar. The series was produced by Sh. C.L.Hakhoo and had Late Sh. Som Nath Sadhu & Pushkar Bhan sahib in the lead roles."
I conclude this post on Umesh kaul with some lines from a poem of Kashmiri poet Farooq Nazki

Me Taapa Kraayun Andher su Tschondumm
Me sheena Tschaatie munz deutumm nabuss vonn.
Vathhie Garuss bar Taa Daarie Traavith
Su Aav Kar Tayee Su Draav Koat Kunn.

( Farooq Nazki )

I searched him under the blazing sun ,
In icy winds  I rummaged the skies to look for him..
Keeping doors and windows of the house open  ,
Tell me when did he come and which destination he left for ?

( Autar Mota 27.11.2013 )

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