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Kashmiri Pandit women in a Marriage Function And Fazil Kashmiri...

(Photo Autar Mota )

They were Busy making raw Knol khol or Monjji ( In kashmiri ) or Kadam ready for the cook in the marriage . I remained a little away looking towards the other side as if I had no interest in what they were doing .I saw them having their Kehwa Tea and Katlam ( Small Puffed Bread made by Kashmiri bakers ). I also saw them Gossiping while making Knol khol ready for the cook . Then they had their Noon Chaai or Sheer Chaai . Then they turned silent and were busy in their group assignment . But then three of them together kept insisting the fourth (who was eldest in the group ) to sing something . She had a Long sigh and then in a low voice , she started singing in her own style …….

"Praaraan Praaraan Soruuy Doh Gom
Raatus Roozum Tamissinz Aash ,
Addafeili Gaashe Masharaavith Goam
Hai Athha Veisiryom
Shaayad Vaaessi pyom,
Chanaa Rouss Pyaala Goum Khaaliye……………

( Fazil Kashmiri )

"In this endless wait , My day is spent ,
And I kept longing for him all along the night ,
Yes for him who abandoned me at the crack of the dawn.
My love ! My cup slipped and dropped on the floor
And emptied itself without my drinking ."

Amazing to see how our women remember these songs .I saw the singer’s eyes turning moist….

And *Fazil Sahib , You shall never die. You live in our hearts .


Fazil Kashmiri ( 1916-2004) was a multitalented kashmiri poet who is also known as Nazir Akbarabaadi of kashmiri poetry.Born at DabTal Alikadal , an area falling in Down Town Srinagar city , Fazil Kashmiri was a poet with a saintly personality .

In a foreword to his book "Krishen Leela" Dr Nizam Ud Din the then professor of Hindi Islamia College Srinagar called him Raskhan of kashmir. 

Swami Lakshman was all praise for his book "Krishen Leela" that was later published by Rama Krishna Mission alsol. From this book , Pandit Janki Nath kaul " kamal ' would often quote this couplet : 

Parun Geeta ta krishenun Dass sapdakh
Sorun geeta ta Krishenin maai praavakh
Karri myuul krishen Laalus saet simran
Simar geeta simar krishna ma kadd thhak.

                                                    ( A Page from Krishen Leela )
            ( Swami Lakshman Joo's foreword to krishen Leela )
                                                                    ( Fazil Kashmiri )

To him goes the credit of translating Japji and Sukhmani sahib ( Sacred Books of Sikhs ) to kashmiri apart from writing poems in praise of Christ . He also wrote some moving Naats ( Poems in praise of Prophet Muhammad ) and Marsiyas (Elegiac Poems written to venerate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain ). He wrote some Gazals and songs that touched height of popularity when he was alive . One such song was “Chanaa Rouss Pyaala Goum Khaaliye……………” or “My cup emptied itself without my drinking ”

His other poems that became popular in kashmiri were Van_Tser ( Forest Sparrow ), Kraal Koor ( Potter’s Lass ) , Pamposh ( Lotus ), Doab Baai ( washer woman ), Pahaeil Koor ( A shephard’s daughter ) and Harud ( Autumn ) etc.

(Autar Mota)

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