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Teik Taal is a small piece of decorated cloth or special decorated  appendage tied to apparel by kashmiri pandit women in a marriage or Yagneopavit ( Mekhala ) function. It is fixed ( generally near the portion of saree close to Head )  in such a way so that it remains visible to all . Previously TeikTaals were made of Kyemkhaab and Zarbaab cloth  woven with expensive silk and golden threads.
 Usage of TEIK TAAL  is unique to kashmiri  Pandit culture only. Using a  Teik taal implies that the woman is a close relation and from the family wherein the marriage event is taking  place. Guests do not Fix a Teik Taal with their Sarees or Pherans ( worn by kashmiri pandit women in the past ). Teik Taals are distributed to ladies in a marriage function or Mekhala ( Yagneopavit ) so as to provide a feeling of affinity , respect and closeness ..

 Noted Scholar Dr S S Toshakhani writes :

"Teyktaal is more a ritual Art than a Religious ceremony. It is the figure of Sri'chakra over the rectangular configuration  with vermilion or saffron paste  and is painted on the top of the Headgear of the ladies at the time of Yajno'pavit. As an option to the painting , a design  of the Teyktaal is cut on coloured or golden paper and then pasted on the ladies Head Dress. Teyktaal shows how deeply Shaktism or Mother Goddess   cult had influenced the social and religious life of kashmiri Pandits.  

 I end this brief post  on TEIK TAAL  with a Quatrain composed by  Dina Nath walli Almast kashmiri appearing in his book SEHRAAVYKY   POASH ( Desert Flowers )…

Tche Chhukh Veiss Tsoonth Kujj Zurdaariniyee yaar
Kunuun Dyaarun Chhu Choann Mudreiir  Ta Vwozjaar
Ba Chhuss Veiss Boonie Paanus Munz  Ratithh Naar
Neidyaarun Thhaekkmityan Kyuut  Myon Shehjaar.

( Dina Nath Walli  Almast Kashmiri )

Friend! You are   an apple tree, A companion of the affluent ,
 Alas ! Your  sweetness and blush has a price  .
And I am  a  chinar tree  holding   fires within my chest
To give cool  comfort to the  poor and the  tired .

(  Text and photographs by Autar Mota 11.11.2013 ) 

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