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 I have  received a book of kashmiri verses  from  Dr T  K Walli  who held a very senior position at  National Dairy Institute Karnal . The book named SAHARAAVUKY  POSH ( Desert flowers  published in 1978 ) has Gazals , Poems and some Qataat   composed of  late Dina Nath Walli “ Almast Kashmiri ”.  It is for the first time that I have come across poems of this well known water colour painter from Kashmir .

From this book I learn that late Shri  Dina Nath walli (  1908-2006 )  had been composing poems  from a  very young age apart from painting Kashmir in  water colours .  As painter , he  was  guided by  Percy Brown ,well known Authority on  the Art  and Architecture of  Indian subcontinent .Percy brown also inaugurated his  first Art Exhibition  held at  Nedou’s Hotel  Srinagar  . Shri  D N Walli also exhibited his water colours in Calcutta , Mumbai , New Delhi and some foreign countries.

 In this post , I would like to say something  about Shri Walli as an unknown kashmiri poet  who has also published his  verses in another book titled BAAL YAPAARI ( This side of the Mountain ) in 1955. I find his poems interesting . He comes out as an  accomplished kashmiri  poet  conscious of  rich culture  and  social  realities of  his native land  . His heart throbs with love for his birthplace and its poor inhabitants .

 I fail to understand as to why  kashmiri writers , intellectuals and critics have not  taken notice of this poet ? He has not been mentioned in most of the books written about kashmiri poets and development of various   schools  of poetry  in Kashmir . Ignored as a poet in his own birth place ,     he  established his name amongst well known   water colour  painter of the country .  

   His love for Kashmir   is starkly visible in   all his creative work be it his  poetry or his  water colours . The book under scrutiny  has a detailed  foreword  and introduction by Prof. Jay Lal Kaul  who is all praise for the poet  .

My special Thanks to my friend  Dr T K Walli  (son late Dina Nath Walli “ Almast Kashmiri”) for sending the book to me . I share  some select lines  from the Book SAHARAAVUKY  POSH ( Desert flowers )   .

A poem about poor  fish selling woman of Dal lake goes as under ..

Pamposhav kurr Chaaen Gumkhwaarie
Baaer Baaer Aakh Aiesh Taaeriye
Lalvukh Boachhi kinn Loal Bemaaarie
Dal Munz Chi Vun Haariye  

( Composed in 1953 )

These lotus flowers too sympathize with you ,
And  Tearful they are with your feelings .
You bear with the  pangs of love
And also the  cramps  of hunger . ….
O Carefree Myna of Dal Lake….

  SAHARAAVUKY  POSH ( Desert flowers   )has been dedicated by this poet  painter  to poor  artisans of Kashmir The foreword to this book goes as under ….

“ I dedicate this book to those poor Artisans of Kashmir  who, with their sweat and blood , lend colour and light to the world , but are themselves deprived of these  ”.
(Dina Nath  Walli “Almast Kashmiri ”)

A poem about  these poor  artisans of Kashmir ( who have been exploited by the middlemen for centuries ) goes as under …

Tche phutaruthh koathh kambar panunuy
Koruthh Khaalee tche sar panunuy
Tche Zoalukh Boachhi Haaendi Naarun
Tche Mujee paaeth Mulvenee taaran
Dwodus kaaend Chhuyee su Pataa Tchaaraan
Tcha Khyonukh darmiyaan- daaran…

( Composition of 1970 )

You tear up your limbs in labour ,
And  you drain  your energy  pool as well.
The  fires of hunger keep  burning at your doorstep
While you receive   just peanuts for your labour .
Then the middleman niggles at  your craftsmanship
And keeps  exploiting you …..

During his youth ,  late Dina Nath Walli  was also drawn towards spiritualism. Lines from a   poem composed in 1935  are  as under …

Achhvalaa Bonnie talaa haai
Baa Dhoonie Zaael Zaael Beh-muss
Taaeti Baa Gakharuss kalaa haai
Tsaalithh ta Tsalahaai Vanannuy…
( composed in 1935 )

I shall sit under a chinar tree in achhabal Garden
And light a sanyasi’s fire .
Bowing to him , I shall keep rubbing my forehead .
Friend ! I feel like running away and far away to the  wild forest .

 And then the poet also  feels about the  futility of a poor man 's youth ...

Kalaa Me ousum Kanienaai Chhavun
Dil Myon Ouss handaraavun Kyuth
Paan Myoun Ouss vattie Vattie  Shignaavun
Yaavun Myon Ouss Raavun Kyuth

 Alas ! This head of mine was meant only to be struck against boulders .
And this poor heart of mine  to be Glaciated  .
 And this body  only meant to be  put to  disrepute  over here .
Alas this youth  Visited me
 for being lost and wasted away…

 Religious  fanaticism or  bigotry has never touched Shri. Walli . He always remained far above all these narrow thoughts that divide Humanity .   And this remains the basic feel of his poetry and painting. I quote ……

Daair o Harmich Phark Anni Kyaah Phark Parwaanus Andher
Shamaa Dazavun Aassie Kaabuss yaa ki But-Khaanus Andher
( composed in 1967 )

Never does the moth differentiate a Mosque from a  Temple ,
 It just loves the candle light that burns anywhere …

And a sample of his Quatrains ..

Theikithh Zunn goor Draav az khaana Kaabus
Gonaah Bakh-shaawney Maaeil Heini sawaabus
Vasyaah Nakhaa aab Taaetinus Dwodha Badal Kenh
Dwodheik Dyaar Taaeti Dwodhas Aabik Chhi Aabus…

Proudly the milk seller starts his journey to Kaaba
To seek pardon   for his sins and  earn a good deed .
Can he pass on water for milk over there too ?
Never , Milk shall be paid as milk and water as water only.
( Autar Mota 10.11.2013 )

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