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Dodh Traavithh Aab yuss Mandhey
Suyee samsaarus Kandhey Zaav..
Par Ta Paan Yuss Huvuyee Vandhey
Suyee Habaa *(1)Sendhey Teertath Draav…….

(The person who forgets Milk ( Luxury ) and churns water
is really born in this world.
And the One who does not distinguish between himself and others
is on a pilgrimage to the Teertha at Sindh .)


Other day I asked a friend (who shares his knowledge of Camus and Kafka with me ) about Mohan Nirash . Pat came the reply ..
“ Mohan Nirash was a singer with Radio Kashmir Srinagar . ”

 And this reply was a big surprise to me .
                                                          Mohan Nirash ( 1934-2000 ) 
Mohan Nirash ( 1934-2000 ) was a poet , Playwright , Translator and above all a gentle human being . He resided at  Drabyaar Habba kadal and later  later moved to Delhi where his family is settled at the moment . Nirash ji was employed in AIR ( Radio kashmir srinagar ) and was essentially a Hindi poet who started writing in his mother tongue ( kashmiri ) possibly around 1967. He was a master translator and did some excellent translations from kashmiri to Hindi as also from  English ,Hindi and Sanskrit to kashmiri . He wrote kashmiri Dramas ( Ratti Daaen Posh or Bleeding Flowers ) as well. Nirash ji also translated Arthur Miller's DEATH OF A SALES MAN  to kashmiri  apart from translating  Galsworthy's JUSTICE .

And one day in October 2000, while going to meet Santoor Maestro Pandit Bhajan Sopory at his Lodhi Road residence , Mohan Nirash ji met with a Fatal accident . The voice turned silent but the poems that he composed created   an indelible imprint on  kashmiri literature.
I wanted to know about his recorded kashmiri songs and my friend Shri . Dalip Langoo ( Music composer  ) added more to my knowledge and informed me as under

“ Since he was a Hindi poet I am not aware about his Koshur Qalaam but we were in Delhi working on a project, he penned down some beautiful poems for a TV Serial .I have recorded one of his kashmiri poems and put that on my sound cloud. I do not think any of his poems in Kashmiri are at all aired on Radio Kashmir .. His Children:1. Upinder ji recently retired from Akashwani as Depuy Station Director New Delhi; 2. Late Pardyot Raina is no as he too met with a serious road accident a few years ago; 3. Neeraj ji is teacher (Art Teacher) in a Delhi's reputed school and dear Ashutosh Raina is in a private job. Aahee!”.

Here is a portion from this lovely kashmiri song with excellent music composed by Dalip Langoo. This song was actually written for the TV serial Afsanaay e Kashmir produced by Rajesh Amrohi . This song can be heard at ....


Rueess Katchie Lokchaar Vun Kuun Trovum Yaavun Rovum Shaharitch Braaentch
Pholnaai Pamposh Kammie Putchnovum Kyaa Gudrovum Taqdeeran …….
Ronnie Daamanuss Shronnie Shronnie rovum Kyaa Gudrovum Taqdeeran
Vuzmallie seenuss Duz Duz Thhovum Kyaa Gudrovum Taqdeeran …….

( Mohan Nirash )

Like a Gazelle , I left my childhood in the forest ,
And lost my youth in this City’s temptations .
Who threw this lotus to dust before its bloom? 
And see what regret my fate brought to me ?
I lost the “Chhum” “Chhum” of my dancing apparel ,
What regret my fate brought to me ?
The lightning kept kindling many a fires within my chest
What regret my fate brought to me ?

In my private collection, I have a copy of Noornama published in kashmiri by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art culture and Languages dedicated to ALAMDAAR e KASHMIR ( Nund Ryosh ).. This special number has also published some Shrukhs of Nirash ji . I quote ..

Ruum Gayee sheeshus Taapus gayee gatta
Akaalie samayuss Voathh Andhakaar
Paanchuv Praanuv Kraaekh Laayie Yikavatta
Baar Khodayaa Paap Nivaar …..

( Mohan Nirash )

The sun splintered and the day light turned to shadows
Untimely darkness engulfed everything .
All the **(2) five elements cried in one voice
“ O Lord ! Unburden us of these sins .”

  Antaa-Karnan Andherie Peyii Traaetta
 Deh zun valieni Me Aav samsaar .
***(3)Maya Zaalus Aundh katinuss Ratta
Baar Khodaaya  Paap Nivaar ….

( Mohan Nirash )

 As if  Struck by  lightning , The inner self lies battered .
And this  World  appears to influence  this external self  .
Where shall i draw a line to this *MAYA  MESH   ?
O Lord ! Unburden us of our sins .

 Syed Zeeshan Fazil  informs me about a program that Nirash Ji used to produce for Radio kashmir Srinagar ..
 “Pragaash is one of his remarkable productions of Radio kashmir. He was a well read person always dedicated to his work and never believed in any groupism at his work place or outside.”

 And Pragaash was the most popular and informative  Program of Radio Kashmir Srinagar that was aired for about  26 Years .
 Poet Shantiveer Kaul ( son of Stalwart kashmiri Poet Dina Nath Naadim ) adds...

“No gentler soul than Nirashji, no unassuming one either - and as, if not more, erudite, well informed and analytically keen as any. I have memories of this soul that will last me this lifetime as a reference point of what is good and gentle.”

Hindi Poet Agni shekhar adds.....

 “The greatest of great kashmiri translator, who translated nearly 400 radio plays , Gandhi Katha,Ramayana ,Vaital Pachchisi and other important  literary works into Kashmiri . Besides,Mohan Nirash was a prominent hindi poet and broadcaster,efficient Interviewer.He wrote gazals in Kashmiri too. His innovative programme like 'PRAGAASH' was immensely popular across the length and breadth of Kashmir Valley.Mohan Nirash was a household name in Kashmir.And died in exile ”
Adds Bansi Raina..
 “ Mohan Nirash lived at Dalhasanyar. Habbakadal area.A noble unassuming soul ..He was a very diligent  worker. Mohan Nirash who had at ready translated Galsworthy’s  JUSTICE  for the  Radio ..Rewrote it as a stage version at my request...He was fond of palmistry and we use to exchange ideas and view point on the subject. A man who deserved more than what he got. A great friend.”

Nirash ji always believed in the present while ensuring preservation of our language and past cultural heritage . I quote him
“While it is good to take steps for preservation of past heritage, we should not let the present slip out of our hands as our today's achievements are going to be tomorrow's heritage.”

So long so much……………

( Autar Mota 21.11.2013 )

*(1) SENDHEY is Sindh or the Sangam or Prayag Teertha of kashmir . It is the confluence of Vitasta and Sindh stream at Shadipora Kashmir. This place is also mentioned as Teertha in Neelamat Purana . I quote..

"The wise say that by bathing in the confluence of Sindhu and vitasta especially on the full moon day of the month of Prausthapada , one obtains the merit of the performance of Ashavmedha ."
(Neelamat Purana Canto 1384 Volume II)

* *(2)Five elements are Prithvi ( Earth ), Akaash ( space or sky ). ,Vaayu ( Air ), Jal ( water ) and Agni ( Fire ). These five elements, water, Air, fire, space and earth are together known as “Panchtatva”..

***(3)Maya Zaal  ( Maya Jaal ) is  philosophical concept  related  to Maya or illusion. Many Mystic poets of Kashmir have used the word Maya Zaal  for this world and its material temptations.. In  Budhism , Maya  plays a prominent philosophical role . In Budhism , what appears to the naked eye in this world   is  Maya  or  a Magician’s Illusion which  is far  away from the reality . According to Shaivite Philosophy of Adi Shankara, Māyā is invisible or beyond sense-perception. But this universe which is its effect, is visible or perceived by the senses.

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