Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A KASHMIRI PANDIT BRIDEGROOM....VEEGIS MAAEJ NATCHIYO MAHARAAZO ,YENDERAAZO SHARIKA ANNIZIENN ( Your mother shall dance merrily on the Rangoli , Looking like lord Indra ! Bring a girl Like Sharika to this house )


Photo Autar Mota (25.11.2013.)

The bridegroom is about to leave with the Barat to the Bride’s house for the auspicious LAGAN . He was made to stand over the colourfully drawn VYOOG ( Rangloi ) and garlanded by his relatives. Every lady tried to kiss his forehead and bless him. A relative blew the Conch Shell. His cousin held a decorated umbrella over him. A child dressed as *(1)Poat Maharaaza held his hand while his grandmother put a small piece of Barfi in his mouth .

And as the BARAT left for the Bride’s house , men rushed towards the waiting Cars to occupy seats while women walked behind the bridegroom clapping , dancing and singing….

(1)        Chhakki Sheerin Daanaai Daanai .( Shower him with   sugar candies piece after piece) .
(2)        Ye Chhu Mossuum Mossum Krishna Bhagwaan ( He is as innocent as Lord Krishna Himself )
(3)        Naabad Aaprovnuss Sharikaaye.. Shiv ji hai Ghar Draav Umaaye .
.( Goddess Sharika has come to put sweet candies in his mouth , Behold ! Lord shiva leaving for  Uma’s / Parvati ‘s  abode  .)
(4)        Veegis Maaej Natchiyo Mahaaraazo… Yenderaazo sharika Anizein...( Your mother shall dance merrily on the Rangoli ,   Looking like lord Indra ! Bring a girl Like Sharika to this house )

And when the Car carrying the bridegroom started to leave , His mother rushed close and threw handfuls of rupee coins over the vehicle . The ladies kept dancing around the VYOOG and wishing the boy and his bride happiness and prosperity even after the bridegroom and the BARAT had left.
AND these simple and unknown kashmiri women (with their VANVUN, TEIKTAAL, TARANGA ,MAAENZI DULL, VYOOG, ATTAHUUR , DEIJHUUR , NARIBANDH, KROOL and HIKAT ) kept RIVER  VITASTA ( Jhelum ) flowing in my mind .

(Autar  Mota 26.11.2013 )


The Poat Maharaza practice was started by Kashmiri Pandits during the dark Days of Afghan rule in Kashmir.It was introduced under great anxiety as bridegrooms with Dastaars on their heads were seized by Pathans and tortured. So another young boy dressed like a Bridegroom and called as Pot Maharaza would also join the Barat . And should any untoward happen to the real bridegroom , the POT MAHARAZA was a natural substitute .


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