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Photo Autar Mota November 2013.

It is a practice that has come to stay with Kashmiri Pandits since many centuries and its roots can be traced to VEDIC civilization..
A red thread known as Naaribandh in kashmiri is tied to the wrist in   a religious ceremony . The thread is tied on the right hand by males and unmarried females while married females tie it on their left hand .

Beyond this I need to quote Saint and Shaiva Scholar Pandit Rugh Nath Kukoloo ( 1911 -1997 ) affectionately known as Baigaash . Always sending positive vibrations , his smiling demeanor would attract one and all irrespective of caste ,creed , colour or religion. Baaigash was a scholar and accomplished astrologer . See What has to say about Naaribandh..
“ Naaribandh or Mauli is tied to invoke the blessings . Since Mantra recitation has a direct effect on this thread , it is also useful to ward off evil from a person who wears it. It also protects the person who wears it from ailment ,opponents and threats . The Naribandh has some knots ( Generally 3 or 5 or 7  )on its length that hold the spiritual powers. Never come out from a Puja , a Homa or a Religious ceremony without a Naaribandh . You carry no positive vibrations for your mind . And above all it should be tied by the priest who is attending the Puja or Homa .Never yourself and never by a person who did not sit in the puja or Homa .

A Naaribandh also carries the blessings of Trideva and Tridevis ( Brahma , Vishnu , Mahesha , Lakshmi , Sarswati and Durga ). Brahma creates new positive thoughts in our mind , Vishnu protects these thoughts for us and Shiva destroys all bad and negative thoughts . Sarsawati gives us knowledge , lakshmi brings wealth while Durga gives us Power and energy . So Keep a Naaribandh tied to your hand till you tie a new one in some other Religious Ceremony. It should not be thrown in Dustbins or on Roads . Best way to dispose off a used Naaribandh is to consign it to Vedic elements like fire or water . I would suggest fire only.” 

(Autar Mota 29.11.2013 )

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  1. nice post! Maa Durga always blesses her devotees when in danger or facing hardships, At home daily atleast once I chant durga mantra , Jai Durga maa...


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