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Reading the story of Romance between Svetlana( 1926-2011) daughter of Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) and Brajesh singh son of an Indian Raja and nephew of Dinesh Singh ,a handsome minister in Mrs Indira Gandhi's Cabinet.They met in 1963 inside a Hospital ward in Moscow where Brajesh , an Indian communist was admitted for removal of his Nasal Polyps .Svetlana had her Tonsils removed in the same Hospital. Both were patients.The two convalescents would discuss Rabindranath Tagore . Svetlana was reading a Book written by Tagore that she had found in the hospital’s library.They felt attracted to each other . Once out from the Hospital , they kept meeting .

The couple decided to live together and get married. The registration of this marriage was declined in Russia. Brajesh had to leave Russia and was not allowed a re-entry. Later, Somehow , Brajesh managed a re-entry and they lived together for more than a year.. He was seriously unwell and in 1966, he breathed his last in Russia. Svetlana carried his ashes to India ( for immersion in River Ganga) as per Brajesh's wishes though they were never officially married.And Initially , Russians had dissuaded Svetlana from traveling to India. Feeling choked in her country, She sought political Asylum in India. GOI felt embarrassed in view of relations between the two countries and declined it.She went to the US embassy and got a political asylum. Moved to US , married and kept fighting the Ghost of her father all along her life. A man whom she loved intensely as a child and the man whom she disliked as she grew and came to know about many of his shady and suffocating acts.

Svetlana's mother committed suicide in 1932 .Stalin is reported to have publicly insulted her in a function and would generally speak to her in a very harsh and abusive language.

Svetlana's married life was tumultuous and full of troubles.She married thrice after her first marriage with Gregory Morozov in 1944 .At that time, she was just 17. Her first marriage lasted for three years.She married again in 1949 and this marriage also lasted for three years. Her third Marriage in 1962 lasted for one year only. She moved to US in 1967 and in 1970, married an American .

And many of Svetlana's maternal uncles and Aunts were imprisoned or executed during the purge announced by the the Soviet Dictator.

Was Stalin responsible for the death of Svetlana's mother?

To know many unknown things about Stalin, his family and the tumultuous life of Svetlana, read 'Stalin's Daughters​' by Rosemary Sullivan...

Svetlana died of cancer in US in 2011..
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