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If this world Gives you a choice between Giver and the receiver ,then better is to be a Giver . So many hands are in wait . There is an enormous mismatch in the world between the Givers and the Receivers .

Oceans of receivers crowding along a few Islands formed by Givers . Imagine the World that had everybody as Giver. And the giver knows the profoundly satisfying bliss of sharing and parting with what is more than needed .
Why allow People with hands stretched out and Palms open to live and then leave this world in desperation ? Will we be able to transport anything to the other world ( if it exists ) at the time of saying goodbye to this world ?
So where you are ? A Giver or a receiver ! A Container or the contained commodity !

Jee chaahe to sheesha ban ja, jee chahe paimaana ban ja
Sheesha paimaana kyaa bananaa, mai ban ja maikhaana ban ja.

( Hazrat Baba Zaheen Shah Tajji )

My english rendering would be ....

Should desire to become , 
Then grow to be the Glass container or the Measuring Cup.
Why turn out to be The Glass Container or the Measuring cup ?
Why Become these containers ? 
Why not turn into the Contained, 
The wine and the Tavern.

( Autar Mota )

(Hazrat Baba Zaheen shah ( 1902-1978) or Hazrat Zaheen Shah Taji Farooqui or Baba Zaheen Shah Tajji a Sufi Poet, Philosopher and saint of Chisti order was born at Jaipur .He was well versed in Urdu, Persian, and Hindi)

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