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Over here , I was reminded of "Be’ Talauqi " or " Dissociation ", A Poem of late Akhtar Ul Iman ...
I quote the poem with My simple English rendering ...

(Be’ Talauqi )

Shaam hotii hai sahar hotii hai ye waqt-e-ravaan 
Jo kabhi meray sar pe sang e garaan ban ke giraa 
Raah mein aayaa kabhii merii himaalaa ban kar 
Jo kabh i ukdaa banaa aisaa ki hal hi na huaa 
Ashq ban kar merii Aakhon se kabhi Tapakaa hai 
Jo kabhi Khoon-e-jigar ban ke mizshgaan par Aayaa 
Aaj bevaastaa yuun guzaraa chalaa jaataa hai 
Jaisay me kashmakash-e-zeest mein shaamil hi nahin

( Akhtar Ul Iman )

My simple English Rendering would be...

( Dissociation )

Evenings keep arriving ,
Mornings too continue their visit ,
This fleeting time ,
That fell on my head like a boulder ,
Sometimes stood in my path like the Mighty Himalaya ,
Sometimes twirled itself to become a problem that could not be resolved,
Sometimes dropped from my eyes as tears ,
Sometimes , like Poor Heart’ s Blood , 
 Appeared at my eyelashes ;
Today , totally unconcerned ,
This time moves past me , 
As if I don’t belong to the crowds 
Struggling for Existence .

(Autar Mota).

Akhtar ul iman was a successful screenplay and Dialogue writer of Hindi Cinema.  In films , He was  mostly associated with BR Chopra films . He was the creator of the popular dialogue " Chunayee Seth..Jin ke apne Ghar sheeshe ke hon woh doosron ke gharon pe Pather Nahin pheinktay" for BR Chopra's Magnum Opus "Waqt"

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