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In kashmir valley, Mirs of Rajpura Pulwama were progressive by all means and had understood the importance of Education much before 1947 . This thinking paid rich dividends to them. From this clan, Whosoever went for higher education , rose to senior position in various employment fields , Administration and Judiciary .

I have close friendly relations with Mohd Latif Mir from this Mir clan of Rajpura . He was a senior colleague in the bank . From a simple clerk , he rose to the coveted post of Deputy General Manager of Punjab National Bank through sheer Hard work after he qualified Associate examination of Indian Institute of Bankers . Latif Mir ( Now retired ) proved his mettle as a Decision taking functional Executive in Punjab and HP. Some years before his retirement , He learnt Hindi that he used in his work and speech. His elder brother retired as General Manager of another Bank.

One senior Mir from this clan happened to be Mir Ghulam Mohd Rajpuri . He was MA LLB( LLB from AMU in 1946) and hailed from a family that had land , orchards and progressive outlook.

I had two personal interactions with Mr Rajpuri sometime around 1980 or 1981. Those days he would sit under the shady chinar tree inside Old High court Premises Amirakadal Srinagar and gossip with his friends . These brief interactions made me to believe that this man had excellent command over spoken word apart from a clarity of conceptions, ideas and beliefs . He appeared to be widely read and had good knowledge of English Literature and western Philosophies especially those propounded by Hegel and Nietzsche.He had his own perception and interpretation of Historical events . His argument was logical , strong and convincing. He was Liberal and forward looking .

For some time , Mr Rajpuri was a speaker of J&K State’s Legislative Assembly(from 1964-1968) . He was also a Minister who held portfolios of Education, Transport, Industries and Health( from 1957-1962). He also did a successful stint in Journalism when he launched two News papers IMROZ ( weekly ) and JAHAAN E NAU ( DAILY ). He appointed his trusted friend Shamboo Nath Gurkha as editor of JAHAAN E NAU . This paper became quite popular with Jagan Nath Khaibri's satirical column . Write ups of Tahir Muztar and Parwaaz Qureishi published in JAHHAN E NAU were also popular. Mr Rajpuri never compromised with his policies and principles and gave full freedom to his journalists and editor .The paper also exposed some scams and Government came down heavily on its publication and circulation . Inspite of Political differences , he was respected by his opponents in the political arena .
His personal library had books to suit his diverse reading taste. He read books on literature, poetry, Philosophy, Culture, Economics, History, Politics and many other subjects.
A worldly person to the core , he never believed in bigotry of any kind .He was gifted with an exceptionally sharp memory.

Post 1990 , the Death and destruction (Due to Militancy and Terrorism ) in his mother land disturbed him ; But he never allowed his conviction to get drifted or carried away by any popular undercurrent .

Peace be upon his soul…
( Autar Mota )    

Photographs  source ...   Mrs  Nighat Rajpuri Gundroo  and Mrs Masooda Rajpuri  Daughters of Mir Ghulam Mohd Rajpuri ..

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