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"Ha'taa Bi ! Amiss di Chanaa Bogla Russ..Amiss iyee Heiss Hue ..."

" O lady! Give him a soup of dry broad beans mixed with gram.He will have some energy"

This is what was recommended to my mother by Prem Nath Koul" wafa" RMP .Along with Shamboo Nath Sathu RMP , he did a roaring practice from his Medical shop near Jogi Lanker Bridge. No gossip monger was allowed to sit in the shop . Pandits and Muslims of Rainawari would visit this shop. I would always see sick persons being brought from interior localities of Dal Lake( in roofless Boats) to this shop.The doctors in this shop were assisted by a trusted compounder cum helper known as Mohi Ud Din . Mother had taken me to Prem Nath Ji's shop after I had recovered from an attack of Typhoid and was feeling extremely weak and emaciated. Those days only tea or some liquids were allowed to Typhoid patients. I loved the Daal made from chana (Gram)and Bogla(Broad Bean). It used to have a different taste.Something like mutton soup. Mother would add a spoon of Jammu Khaalis Ghee that was the preferred and branded /Agmark Desi ghee in the market those days.

Bogla Dal was sold in plenty by Galdhaars (Traders in pulses and grains) in Kashmir. Doctors recommended it's soup during sickness. It was the first choice of doctors and Hakeems to patients who had fever, Typhoid, jaundice and other ailments.

It was a cheap source of Protein for poor.It was grown in many areas of Kashmir especially on Karewas(Plateaus). A recent study on broad Beans published in European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition informs:

" Broad beans are an excellent vegetable source of protein and fibre. This may be a winning combination for weight loss. Broad beans are also rich in both folate and B vitamins, which we need for nerve and blood cell development, cognitive function and energy."

As I grew, I found people developing a distaste for Bogla Daal and strangely linking it with poverty and backwardness.

And I have found that post migration, Pandits have started consuming it once more .Plenty of Bogla Daal is sold in Jammu now .You can buy it from Prasad Koul And sons Gole pulli TalabTillo, Kangan Spices udhaywala, Ram Sham Provision store Rehari, Jain Masala store located at Pacci Dacci and Pucca Graat Talab Tillo .

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