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This is Ziyarat of Mirza Kamil Sahib or Mirza Akmal Ud Din Sahib Badakhshi( 1642-1717 AD )at Hawal srinagar .Mirza sahib's forefathers hailed from Tashqandh area of central Asia . They came to India via Badakhshan during the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar. Malik Mohd Khan Baig was actually Mir Munshi of Emperor Shah Jahan. Malik Mohd Khan Baig happened to be the great Grand father of Mirza Akmal ud Din. Mirza sahib’s Grand father Malik Adil Khan came to Kashmir with emperor Shah Jahan and decided to permanently settle over here .

Mirza Kamil sahib was born in 1642 AD . At the age of twelve ,he directly came under the influence of Local elderly saint Makhdoom sahib and became his trusted disciple .Abandoning his official status , Mirza sahib engaged himself in study of religious scriptures more specifically persian Mystical poets. Mirza Sahib had beautiful handwriting and was a known calligrapher of his time . He authored several books on Islamic Tassavuf or Mysticism .He also wrote poetry in persian. His long poem Bahr ul Irfan ( ocean of mysticism ) follows the style of Maulana Rumi .The poem consisting of thousands of verses with discourses on Mysticism , is considered as greatest contribution to Persian literature from kashmir.
Mirza sahib was also a sufi poet  though much of what he wrote in kashmiri has been lost.One of his poems  still sung in sufiana Mehfils goes like this;
"  Baalie Hayee rum Rumai -Chhum Yaara Choan Tamanaa "
He was also a saint of high order given to simple living with a strong belief in service to mankind. Mirza sahib Breathed his last in the year 1718 A. D . He is revered by kashmiris as a saint of high order.

Chein Azmat Poaz Amaapuz ,
Chaeni Azmatakuy kasam .
Oush Dohay choam Dhaarie,
Samayan Daag Deitnumm Beshumaar.

(  Saqi )

Great is thy majesty My Murshid !
How can i even swear by it ; But then
"The wounds that time inflicted upon me,
left me to drink my Trickling tears ,
My Peer! My saviour !"

( Autar Mota )
Wednesday 19th December 2012. Time 11.50 PM Good Night
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