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“Aaj sakhi Pee Daaloongi me
Darshan jal Ki Boondh Boondh
Me To Apnay Rasik Ko
Nainon mein Rakh Loongi
Palkein Moondh Moondh
Aey Ri …. jaane naa Doongi ”
( Sahir )
To this photograph I add my brief story on LATE KEDAR SHARMA and his movie CHITRALEKHA..

Some time in early 1950, Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru Summoned Kedar sharma ( 1910-1999 ) noted writer , Director ,Actor , Photographer , Producer and lyricist of Indian cinema to his official residence in New Delhi . Pandit ji had liked dialogues and songs that Kedar Sharma wrote for DEVDAS in 1936 . Pandit ji had also liked the song “Baalam Aan Baso More Mun Mein”. Pandit ji had also liked another song “ Sun Bairi Balam Such Bol Re Ib Kyaa hogaa ” from his movie Baawre Nain ( 1950 ) . This song was also written by Kedar Sharma.
“ kedar ji I appreciate your skills. I have a project in mind . I want you to take over as Director in Chief of Children’s Film Society .”
“ Thanks . I am grateful ”
‘’Kedar Ji , I do not know why writers from our country do not attempt at learning more Languages . Urdu writers should learn Hindi at least and Hindi writers should learn Urdu at least . I believe that a writer adds dimension to his thought if he knows more and more languages.’’ Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru
“I fully endorse your views . While we try to learn English the language that is spoken in Europe ,we tend ignore Hindi or Urdu that is spoken by our next door neighbour. ” Kedar Sharma
“ Look ! Alberuni who visited India happened to be quite proficient in Sanskrit apart from Turkish and his mother tongue Arabic . And in Hindi we have Amir Khusro who was equally proficient in Persian . we also have many Hindus who have contributed to the field of Urdu and Persian literature. I am sure there must be many writers who are skilled in more than one language spoken in our country . I am not including English .I would like you to Bring such people to films .” Pandit Ji
“ We have some such people in this Industry . We have a Muslim lyricist from Punjab . This gentleman remembers almost entire Gurbaani or Hymns from Guru Granth sahib . He is quite proficient in Hindi as well . I want to utilize his talent in some project . ” Kedar Sharma
“ That is fine . ” Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru.
And in 1964 , the project was launched by kedar Sharma with his movie CHITRALEKHA . Sahir Ludhianavi was brought in to write some memorable songs in chaste Hindi like ..
(a) Mun Re Tu kaahe na dheer Dhare
(b) Sansaar Se Bhaage phirtay Ho
(c) Kaahe Tarsaaye Jiyaraa
And also my faourite “
“Aaj sakhi Pee daaloongi me
Darshan jal Ki Boondh Boondh
Me To Apnay Rasik Ko
Nainon mein Rakh Loongi
Palkein Moondh Moondh

Aey Ri
Aey Ri jaane naa Doongi ”
Music director Roshan did wonders for the project. And for this composition , Roshan has possibly used RAAG KEDAR . I am not sure but after having heard this RAAGA sung by Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan sahib and kishori Amonkar , I have formed this opinion. May be I am incorrect .The movie was not a commercial success but the trend was set . And Pandit ji could not live to appreciate Sahir’s Hindi ..talent .

(Autar Mota )
Friday  14th November 2012. Time 11.50 PM… Good night

1 write ups in Hindu newspaper published from chennai .
2 Articles on kedar Sharma in various magazines .
3 “The One and Lonely Kidar Sharma ” published posthumously in 2002, edited by his son Vikram Sharma.
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