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 Martand Teertha ( Mattan Kashmir ) of Kashmir and visit of Emperor Akbar
Photo Autar Mota.

'' Emperor Akbar visited kashmir three times . Once he brought his finance minister Raja Todar Mal  with him  who camped at village Pattan and measured the whole land to settle the revenue."
From    "Kashmir Through Ages "by Gwasha Lal Kaul.
Ain e Akbari also confirms that Emperor Akbar visited kashmir three times via Pir Panchal .

Rajtarangani of Jonaraja confirms Emperor Akbar ‘s vist to Mattan town as under:-

“ He came from the city of Lahora in order to see the country . On fifth bright lunar day of Ashaadha he arrived with his army in the capital of kashmira .On the seventh bright lunar day of that month he pleased the Brahmans boys with gifts of gold and they blessed him. He then went to Marttanda ( Mattan Teertha ) and gave cows adorned with pearls and gold to Brahmanas . jaylalldina ( jalal Ud din Akbar ) was a great benefactor of Brahmins . Truly a Vikramaditya .Ramdasa his servent gave one hundred pieces of silver and also pieces of gold to every house of Brahman. He also distributed fifty thousand pieces of silver among poor Brahmans. The emperor then ordered shikhaphaija to take one thousand pieces of silver and distribute it among Brahmans and beggars who dwelt in villages and woods respectively. .”

. I need to clarify as under ….

I have lived in Mattan for about 3 years from 1987 to 1989 in my capacity as Manager of a Bank Branch . During this period I have personally visited almost all places in and around the town and collected a lot of material.

Firstly I need add that The picture in the post is of Mattan Naag or Martand spring . This is a Teertha for Hindus especially for performing Shradaa (Homage to dead parents or grand parents ). This particular place finds mention in NEELMAT  PURANA  as well as MAHABHARATA as MARTANDA . This is not to be confused with Lalitaditya’s Grand Sun Temple  located 2 kms from this Teertha in village Ranbirpora and proximal to village Wantraag..This entire area was known as SURYA- KSHETRA Or the region of the sun god.

.It must be also known that the Jonaraja entrusted the manuscript of his Rajtarangini to his trusted pupil Srivara who updated it upto 1486 AD . It was further entrusted to Prajyabhatta and shuka who completed the book upto Akbar’s visit to Kashmir . This entire manuscript was in one book which was finally translated to English from Sanskrit by A Bengali scholar Jogesh Chandra Dutt and published in 1879 AD by Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal and sold as ‘ RAJTARANGINI OF JONARAJA ‘ by Jogesh Chandra Dutt . what I have written is from pages pages 416 to 427 of this book..
 ( Autar Mota )

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