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Truxors imported from Switzerland to restore glory of  the  DAL LAKE. in Kashmir

Truxors are state of art machines that are  used  for cutting  and dredging under water growth even in swamps and narrow channels . These machines can be used on land as well as on water . TRUXOR  can also   be used for restoration of blocked water ways .The machines  cut  abnoxious weeds . Every Truxor has attachments to undertake more water management jobs .  LAWDA ( lake and water ways Development Authority ) has also procured two Water Master Machines from Finland for cleaning Dal lake . We also see de-weeding work being done manually in the lake . Root Millers ,  choppers and skimmers are being considered by LAWDA  for speeding up the cleaning process .

A good news for all kashmiris.

I have visited almost all the  interior parts of the lake  during  2009 to 2012  and have  observed as under:-

 (a)The Algal Blooms have a malignant growth in the entire lake periphery and   need to be attacked  more vigorously .  The Bigger Dal  on HazratBal side is totally choked with this wild growth .

(b)The roads , buildings and the  Unauthorized  habitation within the lake needs to be   cleared sympathetically  to stop water pollution in the lake . House Boats need to be shifted to the Bay proposed . Can it be done ?

(c)The   canal system link  of Smaller Dal and  Hazratbal  Dal and Nigeen lake needs to be cleared of all vegetation , unauthorized habitation  , floating gardens  and  land masses created for growing vegetables.

(d)Fish and fisheries development programme needs to be kept in focus once cleaning has been done.

(e) Silt coming to the lake from Telbal Nallah needs to be stopped from  slipping to the lake waters once for all .

All of us do agree  shall agree that the lake size has shrunk . The lake has undergone morphometric changes . There is a change in the water chemistry of the lake. The condition of lake area near Hazrat Bal shrine is simply pathetic .

Well begun by LAWDA is not half done . But hope still keeps us happy that one day every  Kashmiri shall see  Hazratbal shrine clearly from  Nehru Park bank of the lake .The conservation rate has to be faster than the deterioration rate .

Can it be done ? I ask my friends in LAWDA?

Hum  ne   Maana  Ki   Tagaaful   na   karoge   Lekin

Khaak Ho Jaayeingay  Hum Tum Ko Khabar Honay  Tak.

( Autar  Mota )

!7th December 2012 …. Time 00.20 AM … Good Night .

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