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Gas Heaters are fast replacing Kangris in kashmir. The gas flame heats up the Asbestos sheets enclosed in a wire mesh and the heat radiates to the cold  room .I found the Gas Heater  ( Gas Bukhari  known locally ) in Ladakh too. It is  used liberally  in Hotels for heating purposes . Unlike Kangri , this new Heating arrangement consumes a lot of oxygen of the room . Should you use it within a closed room , it  may prove  fatal . A little window is needed to be kept open to keep fresh air circulating . This new heating system has replaced the age old timber Bukhaaris  in offices and homes . You can adjust or regulate the supply of heat to three modes like full , medium and minimum. Five  hour's of use per day  for 10days   on medium mode consumes one gas cylinder , implying an expenditure of Rs450/= on purchase of a gas cylinder at subsidized rates . .It obviously implies that about Rs1450 /= are needed to keep one room warm with this system  for 5 hours per day   . The initial cost of the gas  Heater is Rs7500 to Rs8500 . Alternatively ,A month's use of kangri round the clock  works out at Rs200/=per person and the best Kangri does not cost more than Rs100/- .This  cost benefit analysis thus makes  the Gas Heaters  unaffordable for common man .   Kangri has to remain the popular heating tool in kashmir. I have uploaded the front  and the rear view of this New Gas Heater in my room .

Tujhe manzilein bhi hain Rehguzar  Mujhe Rahguzaarein bhi manzilein
Yehi Farq hai mere humsafar  woh tera chalan yeh mera chalan
Koyee meri aankh se dekhtaa teri Bazm e Naaz ki wusatein
Woh har eik goshaa makaan makaan  woh har eik lamhaa zaman zaman .
( Firaq Gorakhpuri from Gul e Nagma )

( Text and photo by Autar Mota )
Sunday , 2nd December 2012 ... Time 10.30 PM ... Good Night 

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