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 In a marriage function of Dulloo family from  Motiyaar Rainawari Srinagar , I  once heard  late  Gh Ahmed  Sofi ( Amma  sofi ) singing  a beautiful composition in chhakri style  . The poem was actually a combination of Hindu Shaivism and Islamic Tassavuf . This song sung in CHHAKRI  style became quite popular  in kashmir as TARAWATI ( Name of a Kashmiri Pandit women  ) .  I  was informed by Late Amma Sofi sahib (who also hailed from Rainawari  ) that this poem was composed by  late Samad Mir . He also added that he  personally sang some compositions of this great sufi poet in his presence in night long music Mehfils . I quote some lines from this poem:-

Praraan Praraan Tarawati

Aeti Tse Nazar Traav .

Puzai Khaarith Jaafir Fatiye

Aeti Tse Nazar Traav.

( samad Mir )

( O Tarawati! why do you wait for the Lord?
look around your own  self only to see him .
Baskets full of marigold  flowers you bring for your Puja ,
 Look around your own self to see him  .)

         ( Interview of poet  Samad Mir recorded in 1958 )
Samad Mir (1894-1959) was a Mystic and  sufi  poet who is remembered for his outstanding work Akanandun ( Only son ) . Some of us must have heard  late Hassan sofi singing :-

"Tan Naar Daez Aarwali
Kyoh Kalee karu Thehraav.
Yaavunn Lolhath loli,
Bei Akki Latti Roi Haav,
Dohay Vuchh Hai Thali Thali ,
Kyoh Kali Karu Thehraav.       " 


Samad Mir  is the creator of these immortal  lines . Samad Mir is the first Sufi mystic poet of Kashmir who utilized Sanskrit and Hindi words in his poetry in marvelous manner, it appears he had deep knowledge, cognition and grip on the both languages.Peace be to the soul of this great ICON   of  the composite culture  of Kashmir. AMEN!
I am uploading the message and photographs as well a brief received from Dr Shakeel Ahmed Mir who is grandson of our great sufi poet late  Samad Mir . I convey my sincere thanks to the family of the  late poet   more particularly to his grandson Dr Shakeel  for sharing this information and photographs. The mail , brief story  and photographs are for all to share.


"Sir, kindly find attached a few facts about my grand father Samad Mir plus some related photos for upload in your blog. I wish to know your official address so that I can post you kulyat e samad mir and audio file of his interview recorded in can contact me on 9419034762 or my father(elder son of Samad mir) on 9858823733.


Dr shakeel .GMC Srinagar
Alternative email: 

                                                  Samad Mir

Samad Mir was born at Narwara Srinagar.His father Khaliq Mir was also a sofi poet.Khaliq Mir was basically a resident of Village Nambalhar (Budgam).He was a poor former and migrated to Srinagar in search of a better job. He started timber sawing(ari kashi)and got married at Narwara.He had three sons:Samad Mir,Rahim Mir, and Mohammad Mir.Samad Mir in his early twenties returned back to his native village Nambalhar.Rahim Mir stayed at Narwara and Mohammad Mir died in his twenties.

Samad Mir got married to Khurshi Begum,who also was from Nambalhar.But she was not his cousin as is written in many books,including Kulyat-E -Samad Mir.
Initially Samad Mir worked as a labourer with carpenters and masons. But later he took his parental job(aari kashi).But he never visited Handwara during this period,as is wrongly claimed in Kulyat E Samad Mir.

He had three spiritual guides(Murshid)
1. Habib Najar(Wagar-Budgam)
2. Khaliq Najar(Batamaloo Srinagar)
3. Ramzan Dar(Anchi doora-Annant Nag)

He started  writing poetry with the permission of Khaliq Najar(murshid),when he was working as labourer at Hari Niwas Srinagar.His first verses are

Vas kar mushkil bar gub goom
Veat raw wun peyoom
Gulaleh panas kaleh reng goom
Veat raw wun peyoom
He was totally illiterate but his poetry is a clean mixture of Islamic Sufism and shaivism. He has used shastra terms frequently

Bar sang e mohkak paaw zakh makh
Thaw path paan seth aatashus
Kam reng wochak yud wai gum khekh
Dev prathak path pash pashes

Besides usual poems he has also written Aka Nundun (only son).It has fourteen parts and all the characters are Hindus.
Since Mir was illiterate, Ali shah(known as Ali Saab)a resident of Wagar village used to pen down his poetry. His poetry has been published by JK Academy of Art,Culture and languages.
His birth date or year is totally unknown and what is written in books is mere postulation. He died on 9th of January 1959 at Nambalhar.He is buried on the out skirts of the village at a place called AGAR.
He had two sons(Gh.Rasool Mir and Gh. Mohd Mir) and one daughter(Rehti).The close associates(Mureeds) of Samad Mir include Ahad Beigh,Nab kawadari,Sultan Gilatsaz, Ahad chalak of Sringar,Rahim Wani of Muran pulwama,Madho  Ram,Sri kanth and Tulsi devi of Kremshore.He passed all his spiritual powers to Ahad Beigh of Safa Kadal,who was his son in law also.''


( Autar Mota )
 Thursday 6th December 2012 .. Time 11.45 PM .. Good Night 

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