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 If this is correct then Many articles/ write-ups on "Theatre in Kashmir" need correction for being far from reality.This story of Theatre in kashmir ,as Narrated by Naadim , appears to be correct because:-

(1) Naadim has been privy to it.

(2) He has Watched all this first hand as a young boy and then recorded it in the safe chambers of his memory.

(3) The story of first silent movie of 1928 in kashmir narrated by Naadim to M Y Taing turned out to be100% correct .With that story, many persons have not only updated themselves but corrected as well.

Here is what Naadim said to M Y Taing..


" During the rule of Maharaja Partap singh, a Theatre group was formed that had young boys and officers of Darbar. It was known as Amateur Theatre . It had its office at Basant Bagh. Amateur theatre group performed some plays of Agha Hashr Kashmiri.It was followed by arrival of" Raas Groups" from Plains. They would perform Raas or a mix of song and drama in city. It was a night long affair. These groups sang Gazals and performed skits .They began their shows with long prayers. They would keep a chowki for people to donate money. Handsome boys would be made to act in female roles.

Immedialy after that Alfred Theatre , a Parsi theatre also started visiting Kashmir.
Thereafter we had our own theatres like sarsawati Dramatic club of karan Nagar followed by National Theatre of Gawa Kadal and then the well known Kashmir Theatre .It was through Kashmir Theatre only that women started coming to theatre to perform female roles.

Bakshi Gh Mohd was also a connoisseur of fine Arts. In one of the Raas performances held at Bana Mohalla, I saw Bakshi sahib and Sat Lal Setaari in the gathering. I was a young boy at that time."

(Source Mulaqaat'.. Recorded Interview of poet Dina Nath Naadim by MY Taing..)

(Autar Mota)


Raas Kath was a nickname given to theatre artists in kashmir.Kashmiri Pandits in theatre (during initial days) were unable to find a match and get married. "Hataa Tche karkhaa Raas kathuss Saet amiss khaandar. kyaa Kashiri gayaa beyi kaah garaa?.Will you marry your daughter to this silly Raas performer? Are there again eleven households in kashmir?

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