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(A Pashmina shawl from kashmir belonging to Jaipur's Royal family on display inside City Palace Museum ,Jaipur)


If you carefully see the apparels of ruling family displayed inside city Palace Jaipur, you find Kashmir's Pashmina shawls quite popular with Jaipur Royals.

I am informed that It was Raja Bhagwan Das , a great and trusted General of Emperor Akbar,  who introduced kashmiri shawls to Jaipur rulers. Maharaja Sewai jai Singh(1819-1835) had many kashmiri Pashmina shawls .So were families of  Sewai Ram Singh (1835-1880), Maharaja Madho singh ( 1880-1922), Sewai Man Singh (1922-1949) and Maharaja Brig Bhawani Singh ( 1931-2011) in possession of so many kashmiri Pashmina/ Jaamwaar  shawls and  embroidered   Gowns.

In fact Jaipur rulers are reported to have brought some kashmiri  shawl  Artisans from valley but the extremely hot climate during summers proved a great stumbling block in their permanent settlement.
A family from downtown Srinagar is reported to have supplied many Pashmina Shawls to Jaipur royals even after 1947.

And the most beautiful woman from Jaipur Royal House known as Maharani Gayatri Devi (wife of Sewai Man Singh-1922-1949) was reportedly in possession of more than 100 exquisite kashmiri Pashmina /Kaani/Jaamwaar Shawls.

So was Napolean Bonaparte's wife Josephine fond of kashmiri Pashmina Shawls. She had more than a dozen exquisite Kashmiri   Pashmina Shawls in her Wardrobe.

(Autar Mota)

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