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Shakeel was also a successful film Lyricist introduced to Bollywod by Composer Naushad .
The Naushad-Shakeel combination has been one of the finest collaboration in Bollywod.. Together they worked in 27 films.These films gave some of the finest songs and memorable melodies.These melodies were also the reason behind the commercial success of these films. Films like Aan (1952), Baiju Bawra (1952), Mother India (1957), Mughal-E-Azam (1960), Kohinoor (1960), Ganga Jamuna (1961) and Mere Mehboob (1963) come to mind at this moment. There are more films that can be added to this list..

Shakeel was equally a talented Gazal writer .

Mera Azm Itnaa Bulandh hai
Ke paraaye Sholon Ka Darr nahin .
Mujhe Khauf Aatish e Gul Se Hai
Yeh Kahin Chaman Ko Jalaa Na Dhe ..
Woh Uthay Hain le ke Khum o Suboo,
Array O “Shakeel” Kahaan Hai Tu..
Tera Jaam Lenay Ko Bazm Mein ,
Koyee Aur Haath Badaa na Dhe..
( Shakeel Badayuni )
In simple English I would say ………
Awe-inspiring is My Resolve ,
Unscarred it remains from fires
that others lit for me .
Yes ,The blaze within the flower ,
That is out to set the garden on fire ,
frightens me .
There she gets up
With the wine and the cup in her hand .
At this opportune moment ,
O “shakeel” ,
Where are you ?
In the gathering ,
someone else may put forward his hand
And take away the wine cup meant for you .

 Shakeel wote numberless GAZALS. some other popular Gazals of shakeel that come to my mind at the moment are ...

(1)Aey Mohabbat Teray Anjaam pe Rona Aaya
(2) Gham e Aashqui se keh do Raah e Aam Tak na Pahunche
(3)Meri Zindagi Hai Zaalim Teray Gham se Aashkaara
(4) Nazar Nawaaz Nazaaron Mein Jee Nahin Lagtaa
(5) Ye Aish o Tarab ke Matwaale Beqaar Ki Baatein kartay Hain

( Autar Mota )
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