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She came  to know  my friend  Vijay Sadhu   long back when they worked  for a private  school in Srinagar   .  Their   instant liking for each other materialized into a lifelong  happy  companionship  . A marriage that was also attended by Sheikh Mohd Abdullah who came personally to Bless Kailash.

Starting as teacher   from a private school , Kailash ji   moved to teach Music at Government college Anantnag where she joined as lecturer  .  Vijay also joined as officer in J&K Fire services . Both have since retired . They live at Bhagwati Nagar in Jammu  city and keep shuttling to Other cities to be with their loving and  obedient children.

 Trained by Pandit Shamboo Nath Sopori( father of well known Santoor Maestro  Pandit Bhajan Sopori ) , Kailash ji  continues to  remain   simple , unassuming , down to earth and  dedicated to her music and family .She  proved  a great support  to Vijay in all his ventures ,  social and familial . She lived in the joint family  like an ordinary middle class kashmiri girl and earned the respect and love of almost all the relatives of Vijay :  Not because  she was a  noted  kashmiri singer , Not because  she was  from a Punjabi background  who  could speak fluent kashmiri  ;   But solely  because of her good temper and adjusting nature.

Vijay’s Mother was more than satisfied with her behavior , conduct and dealings both with in the family and with all her relations .

 Only Blessing and good wishes  poured from the lips of  Jaikishori  ( Behan Ji )  or Vijay’s mother as and when some person talked about  Hema ji ( A name by which kailash  was known in her in law’s house  )  to her .

For   Kashmiris from any segment of the society, more specifically women folk , Kailash  is like  a  loveable daughter  next door  who  brings joy and  happiness when she sings  . For  our womenfolk , music is  the lone  pleasurable diversion from the  chores of their   Mundane  existence .    I have often heard them singing or humming  songs sung by  kailash  ji in her Melodious voice .

Who is not moved when she sings:

"Sahibo Sathh Chhum Me Tchaanei Vathh me Assaleitch Haavtum or My Lord! You are my lone hope, show me the righteous path."

                                   ( Mrs kailash Mehra Sadhu performing in America )

This song written by poet Ghulam Ahmed Mehjoor is a common prayer for Kashmiris ; A Naat for Muslims and a Guru Astuti for Pandits. I have heard it in Hindu and Muslim shrines of Kashmir and also at various schools as a Morning Prayer.

Her soulful rendering of " Bedard Daaedi Tchaanei soor ho sapdaan or O Uncaring, in your painful separation, this body is burning to Ash now" moves every kashmiri. I have seen many eyes turning moist as and when this song is sung.

She has sung Love songs of Mehmood Gaami and Rasul Mir .She has also sung songs   of separation and  longing by Habba  Khatoon and ArinMaal . She has also Sung songs composed by major Sufi poets   of Kashmir.

In kashmiri Pandit Households,her popularity is also on account of the fact that  She has  sung the original Sanskrit version of  Ganesh Astuti (Ekadanta Vakratunda) ,Sharika Astuti( Gauri  Amba) , Vishnu Astuti ( Jai  Narayan Jai Purshotam ) and Shiva Stotram   popular in kashmir since so many centuries.She has also sung some popular kashmiri Leelas  of  Bhakti poet Krishen Joo Razdan.

some other popular kashmiri songs sung by Kailash ji  that come to my mind at this moment are :

 .Kar Sa Myon Nyaai Andhey ..

. Ba Ti No Ya  Dooreyur  Tchonuyii  zaraai .

.Arinee Rang   Gom

.Dimyo Dilaas Gandiyo Walaas .
.Hataai Weiss Chhaar  Naye Log  Aeshk Naaras

.Kael  ma Madan  ba  Mariyo, Poshan Bu Maal Kariyo

.Kya Rozi, Pardan Tchhaayee Tchhaayee .

.Madano Lolik  Aalav Traavaai

.Maeti  Chhus Ba  Wuchhaan Tchaani Vattan .

.Tchi Yiwaan Roshi Chhukh na ta Hosha  Dalayo

.Tchoor Tcholhum Yaa Wani Tchoor Lo Lo

. Huu  Kuss  ba Kuss Teli Vun Tche Kuss

. Katyo Chhukh Nundha Baane Valo Maashoq Myaane

. Tchol-hamma Roshey  Roshey ..

I shall not write details of  innumerable  popular  songs sung by her . These  are  too many . I may not annex the  endless  list of  her  great admirers   . They are  spread all along the Globe.

And Even today while I write this small post  , she is performing at Dubai .

About her singing, Dr Shashi Shekhar Toshkhani well known Scholar and linguist writes:

"Gifted with a soft, richly melodious and soothing voice, Kailash Mehra Sadhu has been enthralling music-loving Kashmiris for many years now. Her deep dedication to music, in particular, her soul-enchanting rendering of the devotional songs of the great Kashmiri Bhakti poets, have been providing balm to our wounded psyche after we lost our habitat in Kashmir.  For this, we can't but ever feel grateful towards her. "

And now something special   .

For Poet Dina Nath Naadim , Kailash was a loveable daughter . And Naadim Sahib blessed kailash ji and Vijay sadhu on their marriage day when he wrote a small poem for them .
                                        ( Vijay Sadhu And Kailash Mehra Sadhu )

 Vijay informs me :

“   Kailash  Knows this poem.It is her prized possession . In fact in 1980,  Naadim sahib  wrote this poem  in his own hand and delivered to Kailash . She has preserved this manuscript carefully . Possibly Naadim sahib was also there  on our marriage reception day . Yes sheikh sahib and Begum sahiba also joined to bless us .”

And here is the poem ..

(‘ Aahi ’)

Sadaashiv  vaar'a  tchein
Kailash Roozien ,
Tchei Dekka Tchand’rum
tamiss Vaeti gaash Roozien.
‘ Vijay ’ Haeth Vaar'a  vattie
Tchaeniss daliss tal
Ropukk Dastaar sonna Saen’z
Chaash Roozien.
Modhur Laai Neel-kantheitch
Roozinuss poor
Tamiss gandharvpuri Haenz
Aash roozien

( *Vatchhi Vaalienji
Dina Nath Naadim
22.10.1980 )

(“ Blessing ’)

O Shiva !
Let your Kailash be always hale and hearty .
With your radiant  light,
 Keep Illuminating  her path .
Keep ‘ Vijay ’ along with her
in your fold
And Bestow a Silvery  headgear to him
With  a sweet golden Hue
O Shiva!

Keep her  throat
always full of Sweet Melodies
And keep her full of hopes
To be in the city ( Gandharv-puri ) of exceptionally
skilled Musicians ..

( Autar Mota 25.03.2017 )

*Vatchhi Vaalinji  in Kashmir  means from the deepest   recesses   of the heart..

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