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( Kuss Ba Vanaa Va’en)

Daarie Troprith
Ku’th Ratith
Pardaa Thaavith
Burr  Deutun
Chutt’kienya   Thaavin  Andhierkin
Sii’r  sad’aa  Kaanh  Ti  chhu’na  zun
Kenh Attur Ma Chhum Vuchhun Az
Yukh  Gumann  Laeij  Daar  Ta’nni  Pyaath
Kyaa  ba  Karaa Vaen
Vaai Kyaah Kara ………………………

Vuchh Dagaan Chhu’ss
Guel Gandaan Chhu’ss
Ou’sh Joyaan Chhu’na  Kaanh Ti Thuk
Ka’th  Me karriheim
Dash’aa   Ba Mutchraavukh
“Burr Ba Phutraa ?’

“Kyaah Khabar Kyaah Aassei Deshun”
Vaai Zoov  Zun Draam Beyi  Prithvi Khorav Talla
Chhum Tchallan Zun,
Huu’thh  Thhafaa  Ya Yuth Thhafaa ,
Yi  Karrun Chhuna Tuthh  Thhafaa ,
Kaanh Me Vanihe Kyaa
 karun Chhum ,
Vaai Kyaa Karaa………………………….

Guv sadaa Hue,
Thus Ti Zun Panineyov kanav Boozum
Me vae’n Vae’n,
“ Traa’th Amiss “
Feshal Broraa ,
Voth Dietchin ,
Aanganietch Dossi Pe’tha  ta
Tcholl Jal Jal  Vattis Kun ,
Ghar  Achith  Guv ,
Dhaa’na  Vushnei’russ Bihithh  Guv,
Kyaa sa kara Vae’n ,
Vaai Kyaa karaa ……………….

Az peyumm Shaayad Vattan  sii’r
Az Gatchheum shaayad me  sa’bhi  Rubb
Buu th  kamiss  dimm’a
Ku’ss  Pazar Bo’zeum pagaah
Kuss ba Vanaa
Me chhu Naar Az Taamuthh  Athhas  Pyaa’th
 Koo’t  Tchheitaa kormut
Guel Thhaviem  praa’th Saatan
Khatith  Path Kunn ,
Yuth  Na  Kaanh  Vuchha
Naar’a Tae’t  phula’yaa
Athan  Haenz
Roohik  Chho’kh…………..

( Autar Mota )

My English Rendering is as under

(Whom should I tell Now )

 Today ,My love  Entered the room alone,
Shutting up all windows ,
Pulling    the curtains ,
Bolted the  door  from inside ,
 No Movement now ,
No Sound emerges from within now  ,
Oh God !
Shouldn’t  have done something  Unpleasant Today ?
Cold sweats   ooze  from my skin pores ,
What should I do now ?
 O God ! What to do Now ?

 I beat my chest ,
I beg with Folded hands for mercy,
 Tears Trickle Endlessly  from my Eyes ,
 A word,
Jut a word alone
From inside  the closed door  at   this Moment ?
I would  untie many  faith threads  in shrines .

Should I Break open the door ?
“No ! No !
“Who knows what scene I might have to witness ?”

Life pulls out from me ,
The earth too slips below my Feet .
In panic ,
I run that way,
I run this way ,
I  do something
that Shouldn’t   have be done at this  moment ,
 If only some one could
 guide me,
What exactly I should do ,  
O God! What to do now?.

There , I hear some sound ,
A Bang too  I heard jut now ,
Hell with it ,
This ominous cat ,
Jumping from compound wall,
Moves swiftly  towards
the warmth of the kitchen’s fireplace ,
Alas !  It Moves inside the house now ,
Tell me what to do now,
O God ! What to do now?

Today every secret shall be open to public inquiry,
Today ,  In fury ,I may be served  filth and dirt  ,
Today I shall lose My face ,
Tomorrow who shall Be there  to listen ,
Should I speak the truth ,
To whom should I tell
 how much blaze
 I  have been  extinguishing
With my hands ;
And up till now 
Hiding my  hands from inspection and glances
So that none notices
The blooming Burns
Or the Bruises of my soul.

( Autar Mota )

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