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On this issue , Autar Mota believes as under :

" Visionary Leaders bring light , sunshine , Peace, Cohesion and Prosperity . Quite often, their own life is an open Book of self Denial. They are grounded to realities and accordingly set achievable Goals for the people whom they lead. They win the confidence of every section of the society and create followers with their personal conduct and High Ideals .  Such Leaders believe in Participative  settlement of issues and Dialogue.  Such Leaders move with Collective aspirations of all sections of the society . They don’t create followers by Fear , Threat or Dictum. Followers created by fear , threat and Dictum are neither constructive nor lasting. A visionary  leader uses hope to Create History of Peace , Goodwill and integration. A visionary  leader is universally located.

A Demagogue does not mind bringing Darkness , Destruction , Disorder and Starvation should his personal interests and Agenda items get distracted or suffer. He may also get dictated by external Exploiters , Collaborators and Motivators . Quite often , He  also uses Intimidation , Threat and Dictum for achievement of his goals. A demagogue has a scissor in his hand while he dabbles in Uproar , Malice and disintegration. A demagogue is always Geographically located .


  During crisis, A Leader  needs to take the challenge of solution also.He has to be a maker of it. He can not be a part of the problem only.. For delivering peace and happiness to his people ,he has to keep his doors open , shake hands , walk a distance and set achievable goals . That will bring him closer to the solution .
Leaders are not splitting wedges but binding Nails . They are the bridges that enable people to walk and move to happiness , peace and prosperity .
Leaders who remain a part of the problem deliver nothing except darkness and destruction .
I have also a firm belief that the personal life of a leader must be an open Book. Upon scrutiny , it must inspire and enthuse .

Unfortunately the crisis in the present day world is a crisis of leadership that has failed . And followers tend to confuse a demagogue with a Leader."

( Autar Mota )                                               

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