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Pocket watch was popular among some  elders . They would gladly take out the watch from their Pockets and look at it to know time . These watches were mostly imported. Their use was also waning with the sweeping  arrival of  wrist watches . This watch is almost extinct now.

Alarm clocks were also Popular in kashmir. Many families had imported German clocks .


In kashmir, Compared to   PHILIPS    ,  MURPHY Brand Radio set  enjoyed more popularity .      

GEEP Torches and Battery cells were popular . Estrela Battery cells  were also available in Market .

Some elders were addicted to SNUFF.  Brands like  ZAMINDAAR , PAANCH PHOTO  , SAAT PHOTO  and SUPER HIMALAYA  snuff were sold in kashmir.


Many shops in kashmir also sold Beedis  to outsiders. LANGAR  BEEDI was generally sold  in kashmir.                                  

CAMEL brand Pastel colours were quite popular . I  was always tempted by  the quality of this product .                                         

You could easily get Duck Back products in kashmir .  Rubber Shoes , Long shoes for snow  , Hot water Bottles and  Rain Coats .


CINTHOL was the soap of the elite . It was easily available in kashmiri .  Apart from film star  Vinod Khanna , Its manufacturers also brought Cricket Palyer   Imran Khan to advertise the soap some time in early eighties of the last century    .                                                       
Bicycle never lost its popularity and utility in Kashmir. In our childhood , i heard  about persons who owned some imported Brands like Raleigh , Humber . Robin Hood.Later Hero, Avon, Hercules  and Atlas Bicycles made in the country were also available in kashmir . These Bicycles were kept tidy by elderly users   with Dynamo Batteries , Chain Covers , Bells and carriers on backside . Some users also  carried a bucket in the front  of their Bicycles .

passing show and Panama Brand of Cigarettes were also in great  demand in kashmir.

Shaving was done with Blades only. ASHOK, TOPAZ , PANAMA , PRINCE , GILLETTE      , BHARAT and NACET were popular brands sold in kashmir      .
In my childhood and youth,  GODREJ Shaving soap was quite popular  though Shaving Creams  had also arrived in kashmir.

A piece of Alum ( Phatkari ) was always there in the shaving Box. That was a Poor man's after shave lotion.The  box also had a shaving brush ,a  Katori for hot water, Some Old and New shaving  Blades and a  blade sharpening tool known as HONE  .A three-piece metallic shaving machine was the core device.
And later During my college days , I noticed that  a small bottle of Dettol antiseptic liquid and Boroline cream got added to so many shaving boxes...

Even shaving Box of Sh.Sri Kanth kak(IAS) had these items only. I happened  to see Kak sahib shaving  at his  Naidyar Rainawari residence one day during morning hours. A marriage invitation card had to be delivered to his family. I believe he was Director Tourism or Controller TAWAZA at that point of time. It could be around 1972 or 1973.I am not sure.Kak sahib finds mention in V S Naipaul's book" An Area of Darkness"  as well.


( Autar Mota )

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