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 In this post I shall not say anything about indigenous  Kashmiri items   like Kangri , Pheran , Fruits , Boats , Rivers ,Lakes ,Hills, Chinars , Tourist Places  etc. I intend to convey that contrary to popular belief , kashmiris were  accustomed to  Modern Products and had good reading habits .Advertisements also influenced their decision to Buy a product. From My childhood memories I have drawn a list of some items that were popular in Kashmir..Here i present  some products and Brands  That were popular in my childhood and youth .

Anacin was a trusted medicine for all types of Headaches . I believe it has not lost its relevance and utility even now.                               

 Vaseline Hair Cream or Tonic was Much in demand . This demand has almost died down though the product is still in the market.

 Every kitchen had great utility for VIM powder . Now we have VIM BARS.


Bournvita was equally Popular . Mixed with Milk , it was good to taste .


And BATA  shoes enjoyed complete Monopoly  in the market though FLEX brand  had  equally good  shoes.

Charminar was a Popular Brand . Smokers said that it was a HEAVY Cigarette . It was also known as Intellectual's Brand .

TINOPAL AND THEN RANIPAL for whitening your clothes after  soap washing washing .

BRYLCREEM  for your hair . Not so popular now but it still has  some committed users .


In suiting  and shirting, a new Brand had  arrived  VIMAL... Only VIMAL was the caption of the Advertisement .        

LUX BEAUTY SOAP  was sold with  visible  advertisements  . It was Marketed as a Luxury soap   of Indian  Film stars.



The WILLS  NAVY CUT Ad attracted many towards smoking..






After  Ambassador , one could also see FIAT Brand   Cars plying on Roads  .


BOROLINE OINTMENT  From Calcutta was a cure all household  cream .


A pride of every kitchen...DALDA VANASPATI GHEE...


We had Kiwi, Mansion and  Billi  shoe polish But Cherry Blossom was a trusted name.

ZAALIM  LOTION..Never tried it but it was widely advertised during my  childhood days ..


No Ariel,Rin, Rin supreme, Wheel, Garhi, Fenna ,Surf or surf ultra to wash your clothes. Only Desi soap that used to be known as Narol or 501 or 555 .Many shops in Jammu and srinagâr city sold this home made washing soap that used to be cut into small cakes with a knife.


A favorite of our mothers and sisters in Every family.. Afghan Snow facial cream.



HMT…The watch that decorated every wrist. I vividly  remember, the tag line of HMT watches was 'If you have the inclination, we have the time'. And when they introduced their first Quartz watches, the tag line changed to 'If you have the inclination, we have the time. The exact time'. And at the bottom of it all was 'Timekeepers to the Nation'.


This is what our Baigash Mama ( Janki Tikoo) would bring from Mumbai for his nephews and nieces.I was one nephew.JB Mangharam sweets in Tin packs. sometimes he would bring Biscuits of JB Mangharam brand.I vividly remember that these boxes carried location ò sale outlets of the company in Bombay.These locations were Worli naka, Dadar TT, Akbar Ali and The Fort.We had long preserved one such old J B Mangharam small Tin box that was used for keeping pins, needles, buttons and threads by my mother.

These were in great demand.we bought cheaper versions of Ashoka, president, Chelpark and waterman pens to write with.
The Ink that we filled in our fountain pens. We also used Waterman brand.Then came Quink with an aggressive Ad.... Don't say ink say Quink.
My Childhood medicine for Throat infection and tonsillitis..I too gave to my children. Would buy from Al Kauser near Broca Press Lal chowk Srinagar .
The pride possession of every kashmiri during rains and snow.. Duck back shoes..A part of our culture...
Illustrated Weekly of India was quite popular in Kashmir during our childhood.
Beeswin sadi was another Urdu magazine that was popular with Kashmiris interested in literature.I would buy it from Abdullah News Agency Amirakadal.

Shama Urdu magazine was equally popular in Kashmir.

Sushma, a film magazine in Hindi was also popular in Kashmir.
Gushan Nanda novels were widely read.A new novel would cost you Rs5/- while rentals were twenty five paisa per day.
     There were some committed readers for Karanjia's BLITZ..Its last page by K A Abbas was popular.. Sham Lal's column in Times Of India  had many readers in Kashmir . Film Tabloid Screen, Communist magazine Link and Hindi Magazine Dharmyug also had readers in Kashmir.
This brand of Mustard oil has earned trust of every kashmiri .It was popular in our childhood and so does it continue to be.
Agfa click III camera was quite popular in Kashmir .In early early seventies of last century, you could buy it for Rs100/-.The click III film gave you twelve photographs.
  A sewing machine was a popular Household item. It was also a part of the marriage dowry in Kashmir.To this day as well, Kashmiris continue to be Tailors of perfection   .
In our childhood, Ceiling and pedestal fans were unknown in kashmir but many families had table fans. USHA table fan was quite popular.It used to be a part of the marriage dowry .

        No kashmiri can say that he is not familiar with this utility item .As a matter of fact all of us in J&k state stole electric power to cook food and heat water.

Most of us are familiar with this appliance that made water warm during winters in our household.Again a miracle created by power that we stole in our state.
The king that ruled our kitchen..Kerosene stove. The king that ruled our kitchen. You had the pins to remove blocks from the nozzle. The burner used to be replaced if adequate pressure was not maintained even after pumping air..


Every family in Kashmir had this charcoal iron.Quite often one would see it's use in families . Dhobi households put it to extensive use.    


Barbers and tailors in Kashmir used scissors from Meerut only. A household scissor would also come from Meerut. And the trusted, durable , heavy brass locks that we had in Kashmir, were made in Aligarh. Heavy Brass locks from Cox And Co Aligarh were also sold in Kashmir.


Every kashmiri kitchen had this high utility Wooden churner. Buy 250 gms of Curd and serve Lassi ( gulla karithh zaamut doa'dh in kashmiri) to even 6 persons. Thanks to this magic appliance. And then for making yakhni, mix Curd and saunf powder properly with this appliance. Kashmiris call it Chhonff .Madaani in Punjab. Still popular. Still relevant.

This hand held device was always used to start trucks , Buses and even cars. during morning hours. They called it Crank handle . You could see a driver's helper in Lal chowk putting this crank handle into the engine segment and then rotating it powerfully to let the engine start. The driver would remain seated at the steering .Once the engine started, the driver would slowly and skillfully press the accelerator paddle to maintain the ignition.

This shoe horn was seen in every household in Kashmir .Initially used for putting the backside of the foot inside a shoe, this device gained more acceptability once kashmiris started using it as Tchaalan ( a hanging tied to kangri for regular stir of the burning charcoal and ash.)...


A few copies of  Magazines like JS and Sun  were also brought to Kashmir by Abdullah News Agency Amirakadal .

( To Be continued .......)

( Autar Mota )                    
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