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Honorary Capt.Bana Singh  ( Born  1949 )Param Veer Chakra Awardee ( 8 JAKLI and 1987 Siachin Hero) is a native of R S Pura Jammu(J&K).  As  Naib Subedar Major  from  8 JAKLI , He led the team that captured Highest Peak in Siachin Glacier that is now named as Bana Post .

As DCO/Chief Manager Marketing of my Bank, I have personally organised three functions that were presided over by him .

He once told me,

" At Siachin , so intense is the effect of the climate that you forget everything; Friends , family, relatives, your native village and all connected memories. You only remember your duty and keep fighting a terrible climate . Unbelievably Terrible. The outside world is totally closed.Snow is your Friend,Companion,Enemy and Killer . 

White is the only colour that confronts you everywhere and at every moment. As and when a letter is brought by a helicopter from the base camp, you are reminded that you also belong to the world below the glacier."

(Autar Mota)
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