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INTESAAB ( Dedication ) is a Thought provoking poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz . It reflects Poet’s unwavering commitment towards the marginalized , downtrodden and sufferers . A dedication to Labourers , Tongawallas ,Farmers , Factory workers , Housewives , Young Boys , Girls, students and Suffering women.

I add some lines from this Beautiful poem of Faiz...

“un dukhi Maaon ke naam
raat mein jin ke bachche bilakhatay hain aur
neend kii maar khaaye hue baazuuon se sanbhalatay nahin
dukh Bataatay nahiin
Minnaton zaariyon se bahalatay nahiin;”

“Dedicated to those unhappy mothers
Whose Children weep and wail at night
And then are Cradled in Tired and sleep deprived shoulders and Arms .
A Dedication to these Mothers who shall never tell their woes
And will not be consoled by Tears and entreaties “

And then what about Poet Farooq Nazki’s “Intesaab” for his closest Friend and Dear Colleague late Som Nath sadhu. Nazki’s anguish over the loss of composite culture in kashmir is deep and profound . He misses Kamla ji ( Kamli ) who was like a mother to him ..Why did Kamla ji (Mother of Som Nath Sadhu ) Leave kashmir ? What had this simple and god fearing woman done? I quote him....

“Ek Intesaab Aur
Somnath Sadhu, teray naam.
Jaanta hai tumhari maa, 

Kashmir chho’rr kar gayi hai
Aur apnay saath chaandi ki woh thaali bhi ley gayi hai
Jis mein woh
Hum donon kay liye khaana parosti thi.
Kya tu jaanta hai ke
Woh meray dar se kashmir se bhaag gayi hai.

My English rendering of these lines would be ....

" Once More a dedication to you ,
My Somnath Sadhu,
Do You Know Kamli ,
Your Mother ,
Left kashmir,
Taking her silver plate along ,
Yes the very plate ,
from which you and I ate ,
the food that she served us,
Do you Know Som Nath sadhu
Fearing me ,
She left Kashmir.
Your Farooq "

This poem Of Farooq Nazki comes close to a poem of Sindhi Poet Sheikh Ayaaz that he dedicated to his closest friend and eminent Sindhi poet Narayan Shyam. In 1947, Narayan Shyam moved to India while Sheikh Ayaaz Stayed back in Sindh..

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