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Three persons have left for their heavenly abode last week . The disruption in internet services in our state affected my work as well. Could not write and upload in time something that I wanted to say about these three great souls.
All the three had extraordinary ability and talent in their respective fields .They brought glory to india and contributed immensely to its Pride .
They were singer Mubarak Begum , Hockey wizard Mohd Shahid and Artist S H Raza .
Mubarak Begum ( 1936-2016)

"Mujh Ko Apnay Gale lagaa Lo Aey Meray Humraahi " "
Mubarak begum moved to cinema from AIR .She gave about 40 Years of her life to cinema singing.worked with so many Composers .
During a visit to Mumbai in 2015 , I had decided to visit Mubarak Begum. I was told that unlike many people connected with Cinema , She would meet all . I obtained her Jogeshwari address as well. I had nothing to offer but simply see her and convey my Best wishes . Could not make it for some reasons .I knew she lived a hapless life with no work. Born at Navalgarh in Rajasthan , she moved to Ahemdabaad with her family and finally came to Mumbai. She did not leave Mumbai even when she had no work and well wishers around.
She brought smiles on many faces with her songs .
It was Rafiq Gaznavi who Introduced her as playback singer in Cinema.
Cruel is this cinema world : It salutes the rising sun only.
Rest in Peace Mubarak Begum…
But surely
“ Kabhi Tanhaaiyon mein Yuun Tumhaari Yaad aayegi .. Andheron Chhaa rahe Hongay Ke Bijli Ko'ndh Jaayegi. “
Mohd Shahid ( 1960-2016 )

Mohd Shahid was India’s dribbling Genius. He was the member of Indian Squad that won Gold Medal in 1980 Olympics .A Simple man who never left his home city Varanasi. To every team mate he would Say:
“ Don’t Call me Shahid. Call me Chhora Ganga Kinaare wala . It makes me feel happy “

When the Germans saw his speed and Dribble , they called him “Blitzkrieg” .
Shahid was never after money. Inspite of many requests from his friends and well wishers , he never moved to Delhi where he could have been better placed post retirement from the game. He died of jaundice and Dengue complications . 

He would often say :

“ I always wanted to score the winning goal against Pakistan”

More than ten thousand well wishers attended his Funeral at Varanasi. Country shall miss him. So shall his numerous fans all over the world.
Rest in Peace Mohd Shahid.

S H Raza ( 1922-2016 )
Syed Haider Raza was an Artist of International fame. About his Artistic credentials , I will not say more except that his Painting SAURASHTRA was sold for a whopping sum of 15.9 crores in an Art auction. His another painting titled LA TERRE was again sold for 18.8 crores .
Born at Mandla in MP , Raza is responsible for Bringing Modern Art to Kashmir valley sometime in late forties of the last century. He stayed in Kashmir for more than 5 months wherefrom he left for Paris .
And In 1948, assisted by Percy Brown ( Ex Principal Calcutta School of Arts and Crafts ) and three Young Artists namely S N Butt, Triloke Kaul and P N Kachroo, he ensured birth of The Progressive Artists Association of J&K. This Association held its first Art Exhibition in May 1949 at Srinagar .This Exhibition in Srinagar was attended by S H Raza , who , at that point of time happened to be a member of Bombay Progressive Artists' Group that had M F Hussain, S K Bakre , F N Souza, H A Gade and many more as its members.

He painted Pursha and Prakariti series and moved over to paint BINDHU ( DOT ) finally.

For him , Bindhu appeared as the centre of entire human Creative activity. A man who also believed in Krishna and Christ , Raza returned to India after a long stay in France .
“ Finally a man returns to his roots “
That is how he described his coming back .

In 2015 , He held two major Exhibitions Aarambh and Nirantar on Bindhu Theme. He never abandoned his brush and kept painting even a week before his death.
Peace be to his soul……

( Autar Mota )

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