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(This painting has been sent to me by a friend . Neither he nor i know the painter . It has been downloaded from the net. I remain  thankful to the up loader and the great Artist who has  created this Master piece . Once again loads of thanks  to the creator and the up loader . If any one gives me a clue about the creator or up loader , i shall  be delighted to thank them profusely .A scholar who saw this painting confirmed that it relates to Buddha battling the forces of NARA. The Indian Nativity is apparent in this work.  )

To this painting i add a thought that comes often to my mind. It relates to Complaints.

Autar Mota believes that.........

 Complaint is a result of mismatch between delivery and expectation.In most of the complaints you find lesser delivered to a greater expectation.Very few speak in a thankful tone about much delivered to a smaller expectation.

Should we expect less ? Should we shift to the impossible state of zero expectations?

For sure, Complaints pour out from a mind that is not at peace with its situations or surroundings or set up.Expectation - Delivery mismatch is the trigger.

No expectation no complaint is surely the golden rule but certainly too difficult to put to practice .It may require you to shut up substantially from the surrounding world.It may also mean partial death of the initiative on various fronts.And initiative is paramount to any human activity ..But then Mirza Ghalib is not wrong when he says..

Jab tavaqo hi uth gayi Ghalib
Kyon Kissi ka gilaa kare koyi..

" Once expectation is over ,
What reason lies for a   complaint to exist ?"


O Giver ! Check up your Deliverance...
O Receiver !Be fair in your expectations...

(Autar Mota)


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