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 GANDHI JI’S DANDI MARCH … by Debi Prasad Roy Chowdhary

Gyaarah Murti or Eleven faces is a massive piece of group sculpture displayed Near President’s House in New Delhi . It represents a sensation and revives the feeling of Gandhi ji’s Great Dandi March also known as Salt Satyagraha . Pass by it and it attracts your attention. You stop to see how a patriot’s labour has gone into making this massive work of Art. Sheer Poetry in Sculpture…

Be it the magnificent 11 Murti statue New Delhi or Triumph of labour at Mariana Beach Chennai or the Grand artistic sculpture outside National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi or Martyr’s Memorial Statue at Patna or so many other prominent statues across the length and breadth of the country , the work of Great Master Debi Prasad Roy Chowdhury (1899–1975) is evident everywhere .


                 ( Statue outside National Gallery Of Modern Art New Delhi By DPR Chowdhary )\

                                      ( Martyr's Memorial Patna By  DPR Chowdhary )

                  (Triumph of labour at Mariana Beach Chennai by DPR Chowdhary )
    Debi ji was a painter , sculptor and founder chairman of Lalit Kala Academy. In his paintings , you could see the influence of Bengal School. Sometimes , i find it difficult to distinguish his paintings from that of A R Chughtai.

                                        ( Inmate of the harem By DPR Chowdhary )
                                             (   Rasleela by DPR Chowdhary )
                                                   ( Princess By DPR chowdhary )

                                                 ( Musafir By DPR chowdhary )
                                               ( A painting By DPR Chowdhary )
                                         ( Sweet Dreams By DPR Chowdhary )
In sculpture, he was influenced by French sculptor, Auguste Rodin. Debi ji was a master of Bronze sculptures .In sculptures, he is second to None in the entire subcontinent .
Known for his monumental sculptures installed in the public spaces , he was commissioned by Travancore rulers for Creating statues as also by many Maharajas of erstwhile princely states of India .
                                                 ( A sketch by DPR Chowdhary )
                                                       ( DPR CHOWDHARY )
                                                ( A Painting by DPR Chowdhary )
After he visited Italy and lived there for some time, he moved from Bengal school to western techniques .He as the first Bengali Artist to Introduce Bronze in Sculptures .
He was conferred Padma Bhushan , the highest civilian award for his contribution towards enrichment of Art in the country .There is hardly any Gallery where his work is Not displayed .
A serious man who was always engrossed in his work, Debi Ji spoke very less and always encouraged genuine talent . His paintings continue to command respect and fairly good price in Art auctions . He was also honoured with prestigious “Order of the British Empire” for his contribution to the world of Art .

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