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I must have seen GANGA JAMUNA at least 10 times. Everything in this movie was a class apart . Story , Songs , Music , Song Picurization , camera work and Direction. Great masters like Nitin Bose ( Director ), V. Babasaheb ( The Great Cinematographer ) , Naushad Ali ( Music Director ), Shakeel Badayuni ( Lyricist who wrote Awadhi songs ) , Wajahat Mirza ( Dialogue writer ) and the actors Dilip Kumar , Vaijayanthimala , Nazir Hussain ,Nasir Khan and leela Chitnis .

Not many people remember that Dilip Kumar had written the story and screen Play himself apart from producing the movie .

Though every song of the movie has been Picturized to perfection by Nitin Bose and Dilip Kumar together, yet I love the song “Dagaabaaz tori Batiyaan Na Manoon Re”…The song Pours out the innermost feelings and emotions of an ordinary Indian woman .Committed , Loyal and sacrificing but at times feeling the neglect and disregard from the person for whom she sacrifices everything. How does she punish him? Her own way. She calls him DAGAABAAZ ( Deceiver or a liar ) whom she may not trust any more. Fine for that feeling . But then it all comes from her lips . The heart and mind are dyed in Love . A dye that does not fade even if the beloved turns out to be a liar who is insensitive to her feelings or simple demands.

And then the very next Moment she loves him intensely once more.

i quote some lines from the song written by shakeel Badayuni .....

"Saanjh Kahe Tohe Chundri Mangaahi be 
Bhor Bhayi To Bissar Gayi Batiyaan..
Hamri Garaj pe Mukh se na bole 
Apni Garaj pe Milaaye le Akhiyaan
Na Manoon re 
Dagaabaaz Tori Batiyaan 
Na Maanoon Re…"

( Shakeel Badayuni )

My simple english rendering would be ...

" Every evening You say you shall buy me a beautiful scarf ( Chunri ),
And every morning you forget what you commit ..
When I desire something ,
Rarely you talk about it .
But when you desire something 
You look deep in my eyes ..
Never and Never 
shall I agree to what you demand ,
A Liar that you are ,
I shall not take you by your word any more. "

I love Vaijayanthimala ji’s expressions , movements , agility , footwork and overall presentation so as to convey the sentimental feel of the song.
Daughter of Vasundhara Devi, well known Tamil actress, Vaijayanthimala ji is an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer and a Carnatic singer...
The special Lehngaa Choli combination that Vaijayanthimala  wore for this particular song was Dilip Kumar's choice.Apart from other things, Dilip Kumar also suggested the wardrobe for Vaijayanthimalaji in this movie..
There is a Paayal Chhankaata ( musical sound of  Chhum Chhum  from the anklet ) that Naushad  has beautifully used in bits and pieces in the tune of the song.This Chhankaata also appears in another song" Doondo doondo re saajna doondo re saajana more kaan ka baala..."Possibly this was meant to fully utilize dancing talent of Vaijayanthimala  .She moves like a Celestial maiden( Apsara ) in the song" Dagaabaaz Tori Batiyaan na Maanoon re"..Her movements and reflexes are sheer poetry …
Long life to Lata ji for the voice that she lent to this song….Long life to Dilip Sahib and Vaijyanthimala ji. .
The songs of this movie make you happy and nostalgic. More Glory and greater aesthetic heights to our cinema....

( Autar Mota )

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