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I have been requested to write on some more songs of the super Hit Hindi  Movie " Ganga Jamuna". Fine, i shall  do that .

“ Azeez ! Iss dhun Ko Suno. Iss mein Intezaar Ka rang Bhar Do . Kuchhh Madhur Madhur sa Geet Likh Do  or  Dear  Listen this tune . Fill up this tune with your poetry that conveys  feelings of a Girl waiting for her beloved .Write some sweet and melodious song “.
 That is what  music director Naushad sahib told Lyricist Shakeel Badayuni when he was made to listen a tune that Naushad sahib had already prepared for Ganga Jamuna .
And Shakeel wrote:

 “Ho Re Ho ..Jhanan Ghungar Baaje “

My second choice  from Ganga Jamuna shall be “Jhanan Ghunghar Baaje “ only. This song has been picturized on Graceful Vaijayanthimala and sung to perfection by Lata ji .Again the soft Paayal chhankaata ( Anklet Chhum Chhum ) perfectly used by Naushad sahib in the tune . In this dance , Vaijayanthimala displays the feelings of a woman in wait. Waiting for her beloved to arrive . The Clouds , the Breeze and the overflowing fervor in love going waste in wait. Why doesn’t he come ?
The song was picturized as Group dance wherein Carefree Dhanno ( Vaijayanthimala ) dances in the lead and looks forward for an early return of her Ganga (  Her Co star Dilip Kumar ). In the entire dance , she puts forth an charismatic smile . With delicate body movements, she dances on a scenic location ( with Hills and valleys around ) , Covers good distances with  her steps and is playful , happy and certain that her Ganga shall come home . Her movements simply celestial , supple and elegant.
Her expressions on words “ Aa Jaa Re O Sajnaa …..” ..Just watch the song . A real delight and joyful appeal from a heart in wait … And She leaps forward in happiness playing with her chunri or head scarf.

I add some lines from this beautiful song..

" Baiyaan Pakad Chhede Mohe sakhiyaan Mori 

Binati karein Laajon Bhari Akhiyaan Mori
Pug pug chhalke...
Mun Ki Madira
Sanan Sanan Dole Pawan 
Badra Ghumar Naache 
Mora mun jhume piya, 
tori dagar chume piya 
Aaja Ghar aaja
Aaja re, 
Jhanan Ghunghar baaje "

( Shakeel Badayuni )

“Holding my Hand ,

These girl companions Tease me now .
My shy eyes too make a submission to you .
With every step that I take ,
the Joyful wine that this heart has stored for you,
Just overflows and goes waste .. 
And wild goes the wind ,
The clouds over the sky move rapidly 
As if presenting a Ghoomar dance ..
Nothing can put my heart to restraint,
I dance in happiness ,
I kiss the path you are likely to take on your return.
So Love , Come home now ,
The Anklet churns a welcome music 
Love , Come this way now ….”

The film faced some problems with Censors .Dilip Kumar ( Who had also produced the movie apart from writing its  story and screen play ) felt sad  . He met his unusual fan and well wisher Morarji Desai and pleaded .

“ I have tried to get the best from everybody who was involved in the project . We have not shown anything that should become a point to raise the finger .”

Dilip sahib adds :

“ I ran around even after it was over to get passed by the censors. After six months, it was at the intervention of Morarjibhai Desai that it finally saw the light of the day. To make a picture, you have to be a businessman, sign Hundies, and take loans at vicious rates of interest. That's why I have never had the gumption to produce a film on my own again.”

During the shooting scenes , there was a close chemistry between Dilip Kumar and Vijayanthimala. Dilip sahib did 6 movies with this amazing classical dancer from south India .

( Autar Mota )

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