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The tallest kurdish poet from Sulemaniya . He was a painter and Philosopher as well..He lived as an exile before return to Sulemaniya and died in Sweden .

  His Poetry has  So many admirers world over . Even What he says about Art , Literature and poetry is worth reading . I post  his simple poem " Clothes " that touches every human Heart...


Bekas* used to say,
“Each joy I wear
Its sleeves are either
Too short or too long,
Too loose or too tight
On me.
And each sorrow I wear
Fits as if it were made for me
Wherever I am.”

( Sherko Bekas )........................................................

About Poetry and role of poets Bekas has said:

“A poet’s role and “question’’ is similar. Both seek and search for the unknown endlessly. In this era, poets are mirrors for the sufferings and dreams of humanity. The essence of humanity and poems cannot be separated. We often observe two kinds of poets. The first kind is a poet but the second is a poet and a human as well. Obviously, human beings need the second because they live for the sake of beauty and reality. The world of technology and computers cannot replace the feeling of love because humans are a combination of physical and spiritual aspects.
In this computerized period, when humans feel bored they resort to nature, sunshine, moonlight, singing and dancing. In other words, they resort to the world of poems. 

Additionally, a poet’s role is to supervise and protect the beauties of humanity. I am not a poet to only write beautiful things. This is a part of the matter and it will remain incomplete- if I won’t retaliate upon all the authorities who kill beauty irrespective of where they are.”

( Avtar Mota )

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