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                                               ( SUNITA RAINAPANDIT )

                 ( WITH HER HUSBAND ASHOK PANDIT A WILD LIFE PHOTOGRAPHER   )                 

    ( With The family of Gyanpeeth Awardee Kashmiri poet Prof. Rehman Rahi )


*Larz’aa Marnu’kk Chhum Me Zeiyn’naa Broanh Kyaa Vanaai

Myaani Baapat Kaanh Thuryaa Kodrathh Badal…
( Sunita Raina pandit )

( Listen O world ! Frightened I remain even before I am born ,

Will any person create a Different World for me ? )

It is heartening to see many young kashmiris reinventing a serious awareness and interest in their Mother tongue . I found many Educated and professionally qualified young faces in this field . They are Technocrats , Managers , Corporate Executives and students . Be it Poetry , Drama, Short story or any other mode of expression , there is no dearth of some dedicated Young people taking up this challenge . And I firmly believe that there needs to be an added admiration for the writers living in an alien culture yet trying to keep their roots intact . Trying to be a part of the centuries old heritage and culture even under most difficult circumstances . This group is sincerely trying to ensure that our Younger generation knows their past, Tradition and Language. A very tough task to create a reader base and spread. Not so smooth but not unsatisfying either . Kudos to this Young group. Kudos to their dedication and Zeal.

Sunita Raina Pandit ( Born 1967 ) happens to be one such a prominent writer in this new group. A dedicated house wife, Suneeta hails from Anantnaag District . Married to a wildlife photographer Ashok Pandit, Suneeta Raina Pandit writes in Hindi and kashmiri .She lives In Ghaziabad and has taken up the toughest challenge of writing Kashmiri Gazals . And that happens t be her forte . She writes on a Broader Canvas . A canvas that gives a Grand feel of her clear imagination, Mature feelings , soothing imagery and Sacred Nostalgia . Skillfully, She also brings forth Ache , yearning , parting ,Mysticism and Exile as subjects in some Poems .Her poems have been translated to English By two Eminent Translators ; Prof. R N kaul and Prof. Arvind Gigoo, Both accomplished writers .

While Suneeta Raina Pandit acknowledges the influence of Late Moti lal Saqi during her formative years, I found her style unique , distinct and her own . I am given to understand that she has Published 7 Books till date . Except Chinar Ke Aansoon ( Tears of Chinar Tree ) , which is a collection of her Hindi Poems , all other Books are collections of her Kashmiri Verses . Out of these six Books , “ LIGHT AND SHADE “ ( Published in 2013 ) and “ A WALK THROUGH THE MIST “ ( Published 2016 ) represent Translations of her kashmiri Gazals done by Prof. Arvind Gigoo and Prof. R N kaul respectively. I have both the Books with me . Worth reading and accordingly I recommend these books to all like minded friends and lovers of poetry .

About her Poetry , Well known poet Farooq Nazki writes;

" Sunita Rainapandit is an excellent Poetess - Simple in Diction , expression and style.The Innovation in style and Clarity of expression distinguishes her from her contemporaries . She is an excellent designer and architect of the modern kashmiri Gazal.A simple village Girl was thrown into the desert of Heat and Dust , away from the blossom of almonds and the flowing streams of kashmir.Sunita's poetry is full of contemporary sensibilities and sensitivities  , though deeply rooted in the traditional structural imagery. Her Metaphors make Exile a dream of glorious return so the atmosphere of her poetry is not haunted by Nostalgia   "

 A sample of her kashmiri Gazal is as under :


Ous ta Zun Beibi Vuhvun  Naar 
Vaav Logus  Tcho'l  tiekki   Lokchaar 
Zeiv Ditchnum Shaah Deitnum hei'nnaa
Larz'aa Dohaai Chhum Karzun Baar

( Ah  My  Childhood ! You remained  Hidden like a blaze within, 
And once you met the wind ,
Away you slipped from me .
He gave me tongue 
And also these Breaths ,
 Now Every day, 
 i   remain scared  under this heavy Debt .)


 Chashman Deitmuss Aaweil Khwaab 
Kadmunn Meeith Ta Shei'ri Gulaab 
Tuss Ma'taa Preichh'tuv Myaan Khabar 
Tuss ma'taa diy'tuvv Yuut Azaab

(  To his Eyes , I gave  the Finest Dreams .
 To his footsteps , Kisses . 
For his Headgear , i brought  Rose flowers.
 Seek Not My welfare from him
Put him not to so much  pain )

Sample Verses from Light And shade ( Published in 2013 ) Translated By Prof. Arvind Gigoo. Prof Gigoo has added a hue and aura to the original kashmiri verses .


I want one to hold my Heart 
To feel the beat ,
To touch my pain,
To open my chest,
To Stir me 
And Mumble a song 
An **Aubade 
A serenade.


My word is not apt .
The evening of the city is not apt.
The house is empty .
The walls of the cube are not apt.
The dream is not apt.
The child of thought is not apt.
Better to crouch in the corner .
The sign is defiled .
My brow shoots nothing.

I walked songs and guesses 

And entered the city .
I said to the Bird:
“ Sing spring “ 
I wiped the blood from the flowers .
I said to the neighbourly Friend:
“ walk History Thoughtfully “

( 4 )

I am the desire 
The preserver of 
The otherness of the heart

( 5 )

I desired 
Full moon night life
Without care .
I Was unable to gulp bitterness 
And sped.
I was sleepy and he said :
“ Dream is short.
Truth is peppery .” 
The spring is aflame .
I don’t Nourish the pain of the city .
Miniature shelter is my Miniature comfort in silence .
I don’t worry for Home in house .
Who Envies your Bigness ?
I am the worry of existence .

Sample Verses from A walk through the Mist ( Published 2016 ) translated by Prof. R N Kaul with great skill and precision. 


“ I have preserved hope
And wished myself well.
That is why 
Fragrance always hovers around me …”


Man ! A whimsical being,
As unreliable 
as the sun during monsoons.


So recent is the restlessness of my heart;
I have no time left to know your heart.
I drank By Pots ;
Had you been the cup-bearer,
It would make a difference .


I pray that my Upcoming Gazals 
be sung at places as under :
…Where corn stalks will Grow Green and golden .
….Where Fresh Aspirations will sound like music.
… Where Love pervades shoulder to shoulder …..

( Autar Mota )


* The opening lines to this post are from a kashmiri verse that Sunita Rainapandit wrote on “ Nirbhaya Gang Rape “

** Aubade is a song that is generally addressed to a beloved in the Morning. Serenade is the evening’s Love song.

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