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                ( DR.  AYAZ  RASOOL  NAZKI )                

“ PANUN KASHMIR ’’ OR “OUR OWN KASHMIR” … A Poem By Dr. Ayaz Rasool Nazki

Dr Ayaz Rasool Nazki ( Bvsc, Mvsc. PhD) is a trained Veterinarian apart from being a well known poet, painter , writer and translator . Son of well known poet cum Broadcaster Mir Ghulam Rasool Nazki , Dr Ayaz has just completed his tenure as Director ICCR Kashmir Chapter . He writes in Urdu , English and kashmiri and has also authored some books of poetry and other writings . He also happens to be the brother of Farooq Nazki well known kashmiri poet and eminent Media personality .

Dr Nazki has made a  Documentary/ feature film  on “Sharda Temple “ in POK during his visit to this Shrine in July 2007 . The Nazki family hails from Bandipora where from they moved to settle in Rainawari area of Srinagar City .

Saw this Poem titled “Panun Kashmir” and was tempted to Translate it to simple English for wider Readership . The Poem reveals how strong were the Mutual Bonds of affection and good will between Pandits and Muslims in kashmir . A vegetable selling woman keeping separately a fresh stock of Dal Vegetables for a fatherly Pandit Buyer . A Pandit guiding his fellow Muslim colleague not to misuse his GP fund savings kept for rainy Day and secretly helping him with cash. A Butcher feeling reluctant to sell mutton to his Pandit Buyer on” Ashtami “ day.

 The poem has also been translated to Hindi By Dr Agnishekhar .


Here lies the poem and my simple English rendering ..

(Panun Kashmir )
Panditaah Subahayii
Pooza karithhi 
Parbat Vassihe 
Kaeth Darwaazaai
Dal Pyaath Aamitch
Sabzi Vaajien 
Aaluv Diyaahe
“ Dopmaai Maahra
Raazbaayi Aasiev
Neirvun Vonmut
Dallachei Alla Tai
Mujjei Boedh Vaangan
Gyaav Hue Haakha 
Pumbutchh Tchaakha
Sorooi Maahra 
Thovamuv sheerith” 
“Adha Sa Koorie 
Navinaa Pholinaai
Deika –seiy Diyanaai 
Bataah Tai Aay”
Panditaah Subahayii
Pooza karithhi 
Parbat Vassihe
Panditaa Dahi Baejji
Daftar Atchihe
File-un Pythkaen 
Mohd Shaffiyen
Vaecchihe Arzi
Naad dithh Aniheiss 
Dapihess Maaleiya 
G P fund Chhenna 
Yithh Kaen Kharchaan
Chanda Munza Diyeheiss 
Ropaaiya Baah Sheithh
Beyi Maa Diyahe 
Kaaenssi Baas
Panditah Paanch Baaejji 
Daftar Nerihe 
Vaapus Ghar Kunn
Residency Pyaath 
Akhbaar Vaaliss
Heyihe Dili Hundh 
Taazah Akhbaar
Pana- Neiss Mahhalus 
Agha Hamaamus 
Vaatith Khasihe 
Pueijj Vaanus Pyath
“Vunn Sa *Qaada 
Vaaraai Chukh sa ”
“Vaaraai Maahra 
Karituv Hukma” 
“Raaenni Munz Thuv-taa 
Sien Paava Akh”
“Dopmuvv Maahraa 
Az Chhuv Aethum
Tohi Chhuna Yaad”

( Ayaz Rasool Nazki)

Here is My simple English rendering of the poem ‘ Panun Kashmir ’

( Panun Kashmir )

Early in the morning,
After his daily worship and Prayers ,
The Pandit would come to Hari Parbat
And then To Kathi Darwaaza ,
A vegetable selling woman from Dal lake,
Would call him ,
“ Sir ! This way !
Sir, When you left your home ,
Your wife must have surely told you
To buy ,
Green Gourds from Dal lake ,
Two bundles of Carrots ,
Some Brinjals ,
Some tasty green leafy Haak.
Four bundles of * Pumbutch ( Green Lotus seeds) ,
Sir , All this here ,
Sir , Here separately for you to carry along”
“ Well , That is fine My Daughter ,
Let you prosper !
Let your husband live long !
Let you  have sufficient to eat ! "
And then At 10 AM,
The Pandit would enter his office ,
And on top of his files ,
would suddenly notice an application from Mohd shafi ,
There and then he would Call for Mohd shafi ,
And say to him ,
“ Dear, G P fund is never spent like this “
And then secretly ,
Would handover twelve Hundred
Rupees from his own pocket to
Mohd shafi ,
A secret that none would know .
At 5 PM, The Pandit would move out of his office
towards his home ,
Buy the latest English Newspaper ,
Published from New Delhi
From a vendor on Residency Road.
Reaching his own Mohalla ,
Near Agha Hamaam Locality ,
Enter a butcher’s shop,
“ How are You Dear *Qadda ( Qadir )?
Is all going well ?”
“ Yes Sir , All Well.
My pleasure to serve ,
Please order what you want ”
“ Dear give me
A Paav (250 gms ) from the upper leg portion “
“ Sir ! Today is *Ashtami,
Don’t You remember ?”

( Autar Mota )


Original kashmiri poem in 5 pages ..



The fresh variety of seeds held inside a green shell of a lotus flower . These seeds are soft watery white and sweet to taste . About twenty seeds are generally held on a spongy green bulb . Once exposed to heat and air , the shell of the seeds turns hard and black and the soft white seed inside dries up and changes its colour to yellowish brown .In Kashmir these lotus seeds are eaten raw . A good amount of dried lotus seeds are used by kashmiri Pandits as Homa Samagri ( Material for burning in sacred Fire or Yajna Agni ).

A short name used for Ghulam Qadir in Kashmir.

Eighth day of Bikrami Calendar considered Auspicious by Hindus. Kashmiri Pandits do not consume any Non-vegetarian food on certain days specifically on Tuesday , Ashtami and many other auspicious days . Pandit Ladies eat only one meal on Ashtami after cleaning the kitchen and washing all the utensils afresh . Ashtami Fast in a Pandit Household is a part of kashmiri Pandit Tradition and culture .

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