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This year I found lesser Chausa, Langra, Sindhri and Dussehri Mango Varities in the Market over here. Dussehri arrived late but had pests.So didn't have some good mango sessions.

And suddenly post Mid August , I find Mangoes from Multan in Jammu market.What is sold on Reddis is grade 3 variety of Famous Anwar Rataul mango from Multan. Not so good..you get this variety for 110 rupees a kg.Some traders sell grade 2 variety for 160 a kg. Good and tasty. Cut it to pieces. It has Pulp .It is sweet and juicy.I am told that grade1 goes to Europe and middle east.

It is said that this mango actually belongs to Meerut area. One Anwar Siddiqui from Meerut is reported to have carried these saplings to Pakistan in 1947.He is reported to have done extensive plantation in his orchard and later many orchardists also planted Rataul variety in Multan.This mango came to be known as Anwar Rataul for this reason only..

For me nothing like our Malihaabadi Dussehri Mango .But Let me add that grade 2 Anwar Rataul ( currently available in Jammu ) is equally good.

This is unlike the Hate Rhetoric , pain and suffering that State and Non State actors over there are pushing usually to this side of the Border..

Welcome to the sweet commodity sent by ordinary Trader and Common man from across the border...

Welcome to peace , goodwill and Bilateral Trade..

(Autar Mota)

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