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By Bansi Parimu

Bansi Parimu lost his mother when he was barely eleven years . Mother’s loss for a child is bound to create some deep inadequacy within. The torment got reflected in his earlier  and later work . He never abandoned painting kashmiri women . He painted their pain , Gloom , Pensiveness , Helplessness and Hope .

This painting could also be a result of some deep childhood impression on his mind . Wailing women gathering at his mother‘s death . A Pitcher of water ( No'tt ) , a Fire Pot ( kangri ) , Pheran , a wall fixture for hanging clothes ( Villinj ), ladies Headgear ( Taranga ) , A Dry Reed Mat ( Voguv ) and Grief. This painting is so close to our immediate past .
Pheran clad Kashmiri women ; Bound by Tradition, simplicity and sincerity . A dwindling tribe from snow clad hills accustomed to Breezes and Brooks , Thrown into hot , Humid and dusty plains .Victims of  disintegrating and crumbling  joint family structure . Living with a deep sense of Loss on all fronts. Homelessness compounded by a Loss of identity . A life being lived on memories and hopes . Will those hopes Materialize ? Still prepared to offer their cherished possession to others in pain. What else except Tears ? suffering on all fronts but Still comforting others . Still in conversation . And Still Hiding that untold story held like a fireball in the bosom..
I add lines from a Gazal of My revered college Teacher and poet Ghulam Nabi Firaq.

Yettie Chha’naa Saayil Khaalie Neraan
Aaeish Pheiir Kenh Chhiyee Hargaa Lagaa-Naai..
Soruuyi Vonamuss ti Chhuu’m Phe’raan
Akh Kathh Aa’ssum Roozim Vananaai
( Ghulam Nabi Firaq )

( And Petitioner do not leave this place empty handed ,
Yes! Yes ! I do possess some tears ,
Take them should these be of any use to you.
Even after telling everything, That Regret remains , 
The only issue I wanted to put across ,
Could not be conveyed .)

( Autar Mota )
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