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Nida Fazili ( Born 1938 at Delhi  ) is no more..He was among a few surviving masters in Urdu poetry who retained the core charm and tradition in his kalaam. He was comfortable with Hindi as well. He wrote Dohas, Gazals, Nazms and Geet.Whatever he wrote , it touched you. It had charm, thought and tradition.

A couple of years back ,met him at Dehradun where he had come to participate in ONGC sponsored Annual VIRAASAT event.He expressed a desire to live in hills .
" living in hills changes your outlook to life. It gives you the much needed slow down at some age. You are at least living some moments of your choice.In metros ,you are just compromising with life round the clock."

And he had already written..

" Jo jee chaahe vo mil jaaye kab aissa hotaa hai,
Har jeevan, jeevan jeene ka samjhotaa hotaa hai,
Ab tak Jo hotaa aaya hai vo Hi hona hai..
Jeevan kya hai? Chaltaa phirtaa eik khilona hai.
Do aankhon mein eik se hansnaa eik se Rona hai..

"Kya aap kashmiri hain?"

" Dekho Bhai , muqamal taur se nahin kah saktaa ki Kashmir ke phalaan jagah se phalaan mohalle se hamaara koyee buzurg hijrat kiye thhaa. Haan ghar mein iss baat ka zikr hotaa thhaa ki hamaara ta'aaluq Kashmir se hai."

My friend Prof Liaqat Jafri interviewed him in Mumbai for his magazine.He touched this question as well. He can add more.

Rest in peace Nida Fazili..your poetry touched hearts and gave every person great moments of happiness..

Yes living remains a compromise..

Raat andheri bho'r sunehari yehi zamaana hai,
Har Tchaadar mein dukh ka taana sukh ka baa'na hai,
Aati saans ko paa'na jaati saans ko khonaa hai..
Jeevan kyaa hai Chaltaa phirtaa eik khilona hai..

On 8th Feb 2016, he died of  a massive heart attack  in his house at Mumbai.

(Autar Mota)

Zubair Rizvi ( Born 1935 at Amroha ) was finest among Modern Urdu Poets of the country. He served All India Radio for about 30 years . He also served at  AIR   Srinagar for some years where he worked as Assistant Station Director  during the period when K K Nayyar headed the Station.  From Srinagar , he moved as Station Director AIR Rampur. For two years, he served as secretary of Delhi Urdu Academy.

On 20th Feb 2016, he suffered a massive and fatal heart attack while addressing a seminar at Delhi Urdu Academy .

Zubair Rizvi’s prominent works include “Lahar Lahar Nadiya Gahri” (Collection of Poems), Hasht-e-Deewar, Musafat-e-shab, Purani Baat Hai, Dhoop Ka Saibaan, etc.

His Gazals and poetry had a refreshing fragrance and modernity. He remained a heart throb of the Mushaira that he attended.

some couplets of this poet that come to my mind at the moment are ..
Beetay huve lamhon ki khushboo hai meray ghar mein,
Book Rack pe rakhay hain yaadon ke kayee Album..
Duur tak koyee na Aaya unn ruto'n ko Chhorrne,
Baadalon ko Jo Dhanak ki churriyaan pehnaa gayeen.
Apni zaat ke saare khufiyaa rastey uss par khol diye,
Jaane kis Aalam mein uss ne haal hamaara poochha hai..
Shahar ke dukh ka mudaava Dhoond lo charaagaro,
Iss se pehlay log deewarein siyaah karney lagein.
Chamakati dhuup tum apane hi daaman mein na bhar lenaa,
me saari raat peidon ki tarah baarish mein bheega huun...
bichhad ke tum se maine bhi koyee saathi nahin Dhoonda,
hujuum-e-rah_guzar mein. duur tak dekho akelaa huun.....

( Zubair Rizvi)
Single handedly, he also edited the much-admired Urdu magazine, 'Zehn-e-Jadid'.He has tried his hand at all genres of urdu poetry.

I happened to know him while he was in srinagar . He would come to bank for some private  work or drop in sometime casually.  His wife Jamshed Jahaan  was also  an accomplished announcer at Urdu service of AIR. He would sit , have a cup of tea and talk about Art and literature. In fact Zubair Rizvi had recommended English Writer Virginia Woolf to me . He had many friends and admirers in kashmir.
RIP Zubair Rizvi.You shall be always missed… I add his poem to this small tribute…

(Zindagi Tujh Se Mil kar zamaanaa huaa)

zindagi Tujh se mil kar zamaanaa huaa,
Aa tujhe Aaj ham maikade le chalein
Raat ke naam honthhon ke saagar likhein
Apani Aankhon me kuchh rat-jage le chalein
kyaa Haseen log hain
in kii Aaraa_ish-e-Khal-o-Khat ke liye
Apani ankhon ke ham Aaiine le chalein
Ajanabi chehare me dost banate nahin
rishte-Naaton kii chaandi barastii nahin
qurbatein sohabatein jin kii yaad Aayengi
Aise kuchh doston ke pate le chalein
Un kii Aankhon ne jalate sulagate hue
Manzaron ke sivaa kuchh bhi dekhaa nahin
phuul-o-Khushbu sabaa zam-zamein le chalein
zindagi Tujh se mil kar zamaanaa Huaa

( Autar Mota )

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