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Prem Nath and Bina Rai ( Krishna Sarin) at the reception of Shammi kapoor's marriage ..1955..

PREM   NATH.( 1926-1992)

Prem Nath Malhotra had married Bina Rai in 1950.Prem Nath's sister was married to Raj Kapoor. Prem Nath's family was from Peshawar while his wife belonged to a Punjabi family from Lahore. Prem Nath's another sister Uma is  married to actor Prem Chopra.

Apart from films, Prem Nath also acted in an American TV serial MAYA.. MAYA was also shot in Mumbai and Kashmir. This TV serial was shot in 1967  and it had Indian Actor Sajjid khan's as well. Sajjid Khan had also come to Hari Parbat location for his shoot.Prem Nath had a prominent role in this TV serial .

And Prem Krishen who formed the well known Cinevista production house ( that has produced about 70 commercially successful TV serials including the popular TV serial Gul Gulshan Gulfaam) is none but Actor Prem Nath's son.



                                                          ( A poster of Maya )

I vividly remember  shooting of  MAYA TV serial near Devi Angan Hari Parbat sometime in 1967.  We saw an elephant and an old model car at the location. Hari Parbat area between Ganesh Ji Temple and Devi Angan was the shooting location for some sequences of MAYA.The shooting team  had kept artificial boulders made of cotton and cloth duly painted to look like huge stones?My father took me along .I was in DAV School ( Rainawari ).There I saw so many boys from Rainawari .Father possibly wanted to see Prem Nath.I believe we saw some Hollywood actors looking like cowboys and an elephant. 

Very hazy recollection but we were told that MAYA is the name of the elephant that belongs to Raji ( Sajjid Khan ) in that  Tele Serial.I had thought it was Indian movie. A child was riding an elephant and a very old car was being driven from the opposite direction.Too much of police. We had  Tea and Cake pieces . A picnic for me .

Later i came to know that the boy riding the elephant was Sajjid Khan (born 1951) . Sajjid  happens to be the son of Noted film Producer / Director  Mehboob Khan. The serial had many Indian actors including   Prem Nath , Ifftekhar , Gajanan Jagirdaar and  I .S .Johar. 

Prem Nath acted in two episodes in two different memorable roles of Ram Singhm and Amir Chand . 

                                                ( Sajjid Khan on his Elephant MAYA )


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