Wednesday, February 24, 2016



( Photo Autar Mota ..January  2015 )

To this photo I add a thought on TRUTH  AND FALSEHOOD ...

Autar Mota feels ..

“Remaining at a little distance from what is truth or moving a little away from it is simple falsehood as we understand. Truth is a spot ,certain and fixed. You can neither be proximal nor distal to it.But ordinarily , all of us do it and remain either nearby or a little away from Truth.. That possibly is simple to handle. To be on dot and spot is not so simple as to be near by or a little away from it.
People feel truth is a longer road full of unknown complications while falsehood is a shortcut with manageable obstacles . Truth has no technique while lying is a skill. Truth is" as is where is " while falsehood is " How it should be and where it should be".Truth is naked while falsehood is dressed up. And Human mind tends to dress up every presentation.

A lie may create a dazzle of bright light and truth may , at times , put darkness all around momentarily.Truth needs patience . It takes time to appear . It is a little slower. But rest assured , once it is out , it dispels the even  the last and the  smallest spot  of darkness and shade .

Are we impatient while dealing  with  the truth ?
Are  we   perfecting the art of lying in every field ?”

{Autar Mota }

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