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MEENA KUMARI (1932-1972)

Baar Baar Tohe kyaa Samjhaaye Paayal ki Jhankaar
Tore Bin Saajan Laage Na Jiyaa Hamaar..

( How many times these tinkling anklets
 shall make you believe one simple thing?
" Love! Without you I am restless and undone ")
Who says Meena Ji performed nothing except Tragic roles ?

This song from Aarti (1962) written by Majrooh and composed by Roshan presents another on screen dimension of her talent ; Grace, happiness and satisfaction of a woman in love .
A love that is acknowledged touches some inner strings within the heart of every woman.This is the moment when the external world looks so beautiful and worth living .The fire that love ignites comes like a warmth that starts melting icy frozen mess around her.
Meena Ji has presented this beautiful feeling of a woman in love through many of her songs.

While writing this mini post, I am also reminded of the song" Mera Dil Ab Tera O saajana" that shailendra wrote for Dil Apna Aur Preet Paraayi. Who can match Meena ji's style in presenting the intense feeling of a woman in love ? In this song , she Dances with a happiness that appears to be reassuring and deep with in her heart . She is possibly moved by the sweeping feeling of being owned ,acknowledged and loved ..
(Autar Mota)



Has Meena Ji again heard a word of faithfulness in love ?
I am tempted to add Parveen Shakir's lines to this frame..

"Eik shaakh e yasmeen thhi kal tak khizaan assar ,
Aur aaj saara baagh ussi ki amaan mein hai.
Eik Khwaab hai ke baar e digâr dekhtein hain hum,
Eik Aashnaa si roshini saare makaan mein hai.."
And Meena Ji knew that the Enterprise of Love may only bring Losses once more ..But then,
Baithay raheingay shaam talak teray sheeshagar,
Yeh jaantay huve ke khasaara dukaan mein hai..

(Autar Mota)



And for this frame , Shakeel Badaayuni wrote below lines…..

“Yeh Bikhari Zulfein Yeh Khiltaa Gajraa 
Yeh Mehki Chunri Ye Mun Ki Madira 
Yeh sab Tumhaare liye hain pritam
Me aaj Tum Ko Na jaane Doongi
Jaane na Doongi
Guru Dutt and Abrar Alvi made Meena ji to perform the complex role of of Chhoti Bahu in “Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam” . This role drained her emotionally .
Writes Abrar Alvi,
“ So much was Meena ji involved in this role that once she wept and cried loudly as we ( me and Dutt sahib ) tried to bring her too close to the Character .She went inside the make up room and wept loudly. No amount of our consoling could help. Most directors chose her simply because of her “star” status but this role brought out the best in her and was one of the best performances of her career in the industry. There’s a note in Meena Kumari’s diary that says “I am sick to death of Choti Bahu” that shows how deeply affected she was by the role.”
And later , when her own people , whom she loved and idolized ,abandoned her and pushed her to alcoholism, she brought chhoti Bahu to her own life  .

( Autar Mota )

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