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Another kashmiri who rose to popularity as Character Artist in Hindi cinema was RAJAN HAKSAR. He belonged to a Kashmir Pandit family that had migrated out from  Kashmir valley during the Dark days of Afghan rule .  Rajan started his career in Mumbai prior to 1947. And in Mumbai, another philanthropist and a fellow kashmiri actor Chander Mohan Wattal , came to his help. He helped him with work and settlement .
Rajan Haksar married Manorama , another actress ( real name Erin Isaac Daniel ) who was half Irish and a christian . Manorama was a leading actress in lahore's film Industry , where, at the time of partition , she was earning Rs10000/= PM . After the partition riots broke out in Lahore , she ran for safety to Bombay. In Bombay , actor Chandermohan wattal came to her help .
Through Chander Mohan Wattal, she got introduced to Rajan Haksar . They fell in love and married . Manorama statred doing Character roles while Rajan remained busy with various film offers that came his way.
Manorama informs us  ,
. " In Bolmbay , I was miserable, and one day , I almost decided to return to Lahore But Chandramohan ji told me to hang on. Thank God, if I'd caught the train that day, I'd have been finished. Not a single passenger on that train survived. Everyone was massacred."
Starting from DO Bhai in 1947, Rajan Haksar worked in about 204 films in various roles , last being Aakhari Sangursh ( 1999). His prominent Roles were Raghu Rai ( In Mangal Pandey 1983 ), Madan ( Meri Awaaz Suno 1981) , Thakur Bhanwar Singh ( Pran Jaaye par Vachan NaJaaye 1974), Thakur Vijay Bahadur Singh ( kasam Suhaag Ki 1989 ),Kishan J.J.'s Employer ( DON 1978 ), Dr Sharma ( Banarasi Babu 1973) , Jagannath 'Jaggu' Khanna ( sambandh 1982), Randhir singh ( Gora aur kala 1972), Police Inspector ( Pandit Aur Pathan 1977 ), Shyam Sunder ( Satyakaam 1969 ), Inspector Sawant ( SHARAT 1969 ), Young Baijnath ( Baiju Bawaara 1952 ) and Motilal ( Mahal 1969 ). He al;so did memorable roles in Junglee (1961 ), Meri Jung ( 1985), Sharaabi ( 1984), Choron Ki Baraat ( 1980), Jaanwar ( 1983), Arjun Pandit ( 1976) and Bindiya Aur Bandook ( 1983).
Rajan also shifted to production and co produced three films ( 1974) Resham Ki Dori , (1969) Pyar Ka Sapna and (1965 )Adhi Raat Ke Baad .
Though Rajan and Manorama lived happily for more than 2 decades , trouble erupted in their married life  later and they parted company .
In an interview , Manorama once said,

"I did try hard to make our marriage work for ten years. But it was no go. We did remain friends... till he passed away two years ago."

Their only daughter Rita Haksar also acted in films . She played lead role as actress opposite Sanjeev Kumar in 'Suraj aur Chanda' . She married an engineer and moved to Dubai permanently.
Manorama died in 2008 while Rajan died earlier. They worked together in about 15 films.Even after divorce, they kept meeting . Manorama’s  last movie was Deepa Mehta's Water (2005) where she enthralled Hollywood critics with her role.

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