Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Shrine of Reshi Peer in Down Town srinagar , Kashmir

Photo Avtar Mota .
To this Photograph i add My Kashmiri Poem -(Kaetii Tschhaandukh ) or  Where shall I find them ?

(Kaetii Tschhaandukh )

Tim kaetii Tschhaandukh,
Kaemii vaaetii Tschhaandukh,
Yim Maaguss munz Naethhanaeunn Nanaaevaarie,
Yim Haaruss    Pheran Taa Naar Tapaan,
Yim Vaharaatchan Munz vaana Penjeun Tal
Halmuss tip tip roodh rataan.
Daafa Traavithh Aiess Dhaeil Cheeraan .
Prathh Vatie Pakvunn Ouss Yee Bozaan,
“ Allah  Allah !  Maula Maula!
Shiv Shiv Shambhu !
Om Namo shivaaye !
Tche Tee Khaaur Zoovuss
Tche Tee jaanuss Ruut.
Atha Tull Tche Tee Mung
Assamaanuss Ruut. ”
Tim Taaet Koat Gayee?
Tim Maaet Koat Gayaee?

( Avtar Mota )

( Where shall I find them  ? )

Where shall I find them ?
Which path should I traverse to trace them ?
Those who walked naked and barefooted in *Magh ,
Those who  used  Pheran and kangri fire  in intense heat of  *Haar ,
Sitting under shops ,
Those  who stored drops of rain falling from roofs in their clothes .
And  Lying on  this open   resting place,
 they would compress out these drops from their wet apparel.
We heard them saying
“Allah  Allah !  Maula Maula!
Shiv Shiv Shambhu !
Om Namo shivaaye!
Let you be disease free !
Let good things be for you !
Raise your hands and
Wish everyone’s welfare .”
Where have these great souls gone ?
Where have these simpletons gone ?

 ( Avtar Mota 15.07.2013.)
 *Maagh - Corresponds to the Mid of Jan  to Mid of Feb . It is a month of intense cold in Kashmir .  It is a Month as per Bikrami Calender

 *Haar  – corresponds to the Mid of June to Mid of July. It is a month of hot summers in Kashmir . It is a Month as per Bikrami Calender .

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