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Gavai ko saj kare tan kheh……….
Some sing that He fashions the body, and then again reduces it to dust

( Guru Granth Sahib )

“Maanas Ki Jaat Sabhai Ekai Pahchaanbo”
Recognise the whole of mankind as one race.
( Guru Gobind Singh Ji )

 Guru Kaa langar ..................

" irrespective of caste , colour and religious beliefs ,.Every person gets food and shelter in a Gurudwaara ."        

The golden arrows used by Guru Gobind singh ji being displayed from Akal Takht on 14.04.2012..Every arrow of Guru Gobind Singh Ji was mounted with half an ounce of gold. Its object was to alleviate the suffering of the victim.
Should the person aimed at be wounded then he could sell the gold for medicine. Should the mark prove fatal, then the gold could be used to aid the deceased family. Two specimens of these arrows are preserved.

Main kis hanju da diwa baal ke teri aarti lawaan,
out of which tear drop should I light a lamp and do your aarti
( Punjabi Poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi in praise of Guru Gobindh singh ji )      


When you enter the buildings housing LANGAR from PARIKRAMAA  , You have to pass through this place .The place is close to present Ashnaan Ghaat( BATHING GHAATS ) of the Sarovar. A very important place in sikh religious history . Guru Ram Dass Ji sat at this place to supervise digging of Holy Sarovar some time around 1577 AD. Guru Arjan Dev ji to sat at this place only to supervise construction of Har Mandir Sahib in the year 1588 AD. “Athasath Teerath Jaan Saaddh Pag dharahee or The palce where saints put their feet becomes equivalent to 68 Teerthaas ” was composed in Raaga Ram kali by Guru Arjan Dev ji at this place only.Sikh Religious scriptures also mention this place as Athasath Teerath or Sixty Eight Teerthaas .

 (Text and Photographs by Autar Mota)
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