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 Two views Near Ganderbal kashmir 
October 2011    
Photo Autar Mota                                                                             

I have come across a wonderful aspect of kashmirian society . This possibly relates to the period of 3rd centaury and continued till 11th centaury . I read it in a journal. I had my doubts . But after carefully going through Rajtaringini, all misconceptions have been cleared . I am indebted to kalhana . .

In Kashmir, any person who renounced worldly life would put on clothes made of bark of birch tree . A man who wore such clothes was supposed to have taken up religious or other pursuits cutting his connections with the society at large . Birch bark was quite popular in Kashmir and was also used as a substitute for paper even upto 19th centaury . I quote kalhana

“The cave residences were illuminated by iridescence of the crest jewels of numerous wandering holy men , drowsy with murmurs of breeze caught in their garments of Birch bark.”

( Canto 165 Page 65 IInd Taranga Rajatarangini of kalhana Translated by R S Pandit )

It now stands clarified to me as to what some elders meant when they would say

“Kyaa Saa Ammei Maa Voall Burzaa ”
“ What happened ? Has he worn garments made of  Bark of Birch tree ?”
( Autar Mota)
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  1. Interesting indeed.I got motivated to look for availability of birch bark turned into sari after reading the Ramacharit Manas section of Ramji, Sita Devi and Lakshmanji dressing in bark fibre, which was then followed by Bharatji too ...


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