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These are shikaras of kashmir . You can see them in DAL Lake ( In abundance ) . They are there to make your trip memorable . They are there at every landing Ghat of the lake .With comfortable seats for two , a shikara can accommodate four persons . An evening 's shikara ride in DAL lake is a pleasure trip. You confront funny name plates for these shikaras at each Ghat of the lake ."Water Bird "Little Lily "" Rosemary " " First love " Doll's house "katherine "Kashmir Ki kali " . You can find them in Nageen lake , Bigger Dal ( Hazrat Bal side ) and the majestic Manasbal lake . An Hour's ride costs something around Rs300/= in Dal lake and about 250 /=in Manasbal lake .

Chamakatii Dhuup tum apane hii daaman me na bhar lenaa
Mein saarii raat paidon kii tarah Baarish me bheegaa huun
koi Tootaa huaa rishtaa na daaman se ulajh jaaye
Tumhaare saath pahalii baar baazaaron me Nikalaa huun
Bichhad ke tum se maine bhi koi saathii nahin Dhoonda
Hujuum-e-rah_Guzar me Duur tak dekho Akelaa huun
( Zubair Rizvi )

Love don't put entire Morning's sunlight in thy apparel ,
I too have drenched myself in these  night long rains.
Love , I tread carefully in Bazars first time with thee ,
lest some broken relationship leap up again towards me .
After this separation from thee , i did not look for  any companion,
Alone have i been moving on these crowded highways .. .

( Text and Photo Autar Mota )
 Saturday ,3rd  November 2012,… Time 9.50 PM …

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