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It is impossible even to think of building Modern High rise structures without Cranes. Cranes are a wonder created by human mind ; A wonder that has made construction activity simple , freeing it from intensive physical labour . It has brought unbelievable swiftness in lifting of building material from ground to the point of actual construction in High rise structures. I saw extensive use of this machine in every construction activity in New York.

A construction Engineer informed me:

"There are three methods of using cranes for high rise buildings. First method means to use them externally .That's the most common method. You see the arm plus its tower—expands upward along the outside of the building. The second method is the internal climbing method, in which the crane builds a few Floors and then is raised by a Hydraulic platform internally .In second method ,crane is fitted inside the building under construction. It is lifted gradually as the Construction progresses. Third method that is rarely used is lifting crane components by Helicopter and assembling them at location on any floor."

(Autar Mota)

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