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  ( Photo.. Triangular Top of Flatiron Building from 86th floor of Empire state building )
( Mobile Photos.. Autar Mota)

The building is a unique construction that came up in 1902 as first skyscraper in Manhattan New York. This 22 Storey  tower lies on 5th avenue of 23rd street west . It is raised on a triangular plot of land that is just 6.5 feet at one corner. 

This heritage and historic structure lies close to Madison square Park ( Not Madison square Garden which is at 33rd street). The building has been built with steel frames and the exteriors are decorated with Terracotta designs and images . No traditional building material has been used in its construction.

Flatiron Building has been painted by many well known Artists of America and Europe. It is prominently featured on postcards sold in stores over here.

You find the area always crowded with tourists .They are always busy with their cameras clicking the Structure.

An enclosure that is open on all sides has also been created near the building. You can sit ,relax and order Snacks apart from enjoying free WiFi facility over here. Madison Square Park is just across the Road.

For Manhattan residents of those days, this Tower symbolized progress and development.

Don't be surprised to find a woman selling "100℅ CASHMERE WOOLEN" on the footpath. She sells Mufflers and caps at $8 each piece.
"Yeah Imported from Cashmere " She assures you.She doesn't know anything about Cashmere (Kashmir).

The layout of Manhattan city creates orifices for winds to blow in. You have river East on one side and Hudson on the other side. Atlantic is close by .The avenues and streets are perpendicular to each other creating long and vital spaces for winds to blow in. On the day of our visit to Flatiron Building , New York was pretty cold . We felt the chill and decided to walk back.

(Autar Mota)
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